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euthanasia drugs

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 19:28:39

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:58:20

what new zealand is really waiting for is the supply of euthanasia drugs.

i think we were getting them from november... or something.

a saw something faintly reassuring that the developed world wasn't going to supply them to us.

something about the way our medications are funded. we need for their to be a randomised double blind control trial gold standard to ensure we are only funding the most effective medication. but the developed world wouldn't do the randomised double blind control trials that we wanted them to prooooooooooooooove the effectiveness of their euthanasia drugs, for us.


we were going to have to make do with off-lisenced uses of medications already available to pharmac.

for as long as the companies will still supply them to us, given our off lisenced uses of the medications...

which will be cheaper for pharmac so that's a win-win -- right?


we can't do informed consent. and by can't i really mean won't.

they aren't that stupid. they think they are being clever.

of course it is a certain kind of cognitive deficit. i see why the developed world thought it was in fact a certain kind of cognitive deficit. hit to the frontal lobes. no... vision. both breadth (empathy) and depth) into the future, into the past). no ability to think globally... of nzl being a tiny little teeny little country on the world stage.

not really a country... more of a... city-state.

with all these f*ck*ng hand-outs. handed-out a place in the UN to... help us develop. apparently. do you love what we've done with that opportunity? the great helen clarke? doing nothing about child abuse in new zealand? trying to contribute to teh running of afghanastan? bringing them democracy while the administration of new zealand never f*ck*ng changes.

not voluntarily. not with how much they are paid.

and we didn't know what rule of law meant when Hong Kong was about that. still pretending not to get it.

the fake news says they only collected paper informed consent forms from group 1.

then the booking system moved online.

i suppose it is so they can burn the collected paper forms. destroy the evidnece that various people (e.g., ashley bloomfield) signed a form to say he was group 1 and he was entitled.

he likely thinks any record has been destroyed.


is that plausible??

he seems pretty... confident. smug.


again... he's the type who will swear to his grave.

we know becuase of various things he said last year about there being enough ppe and all the lies the government was called out as preaching.


i walked by the auckland city vaccination clinic..

a few people there for appointments, clearly.

i would say... guys. in their 70's. i would say. definately 60+.

from adjacent (wealthier) suburbs.

i'm not talking homelss guys who are 40 who look 80. i'm talking guys who are in their 70's (I would say) who look... in their 40's. you know what i mean...

that suprised me, actually. it tells me that... insofar as anything is genuine at all... we are behind in our vaccine roll-out.


which is not so surprising i suppose.


we just don't get it...


there is a genuine thing about people who are not loyal.
but it isn't reasonable to expect slaves to be loyal.
that's the thing about slaves. they'll stab you in the back if they can get away with it.


they will confuse and obstruct and prevent and prohibit if they can get away with it.

they will express all their frustrations like that.

it actually makes perfect sense of new zealand.

why things are so constantly and persistently obstructive and non-cooperative, here.

not because i am a slaver...

but because most people are slaves to superiors. its the whole system. the way it is set up. where your reward is supposed to be some dice roll beating the odds where you get to be slaver to the next...

which is only a game wanting be played by people who would rather it be a gamble than merit based.

which is to say it is attractive to people without merit.

and thos ewith merit spend their lives being obstructive and so on. in ever increasingly complicated bstructing ways.

it makes complete sense of how it is that we develop backwards faster and faster and faster.


the sort of anti-productivity-system.


i guess the idea/l is that our health system is overwhelmed...

won't take long. the 'leaders' (the 'clinical leads') are huddling in their holidlay houses out of region. huddling on their yachts. etc.

we are supposed to believe.


at some point...

they'll be forced to let the migrant workers work.

the who??

the people who were lured here under false pretenses to help with the epidemic... pandemic... whatever.

that's what we thought we were doing. attracting the cheapest slave laborers ever...

we thought. we thought we would let in more than we would need and we could feed them only drips of horrible garbage 'work' and force them to be over-stayers etc etc etc...

because that's what we usually do and that's our way...


but the thing of it is that at some point our health system will...


be surrendered.

i suppose.

and then there will be a take-over.

and then...

i suppose however many years down the track... we see who and what remains.


it is pretty... s omething.. how people die early and unexpectedly in new zealand.

various people are dying so they don' need to stand trial. don't need to go to court.

i don't think it is plauisbly to avoid court or avoid trial. because we don't have precedent of there being timely justice. so, actually.. surviving through the trial... getting your home detention (guffaw) for howeer many years of getting to abuse others etc (basically ebign given a lisense to carry on in your mansion that you brought with your laundered money)...

well... there's those who don't make it to court. i guess because some branch of the goverment disposes of them before court so as to save the governmnt th expense of another sham or hoax or farce of a trial.

so the lady on the DHB for south auckland who died in her bed.

and alister... the ethics guy from waikato. he died very young. unexpectedly. he became a problem for the university because studnets (high school studnets) parents were complaining about him having a beach party house and supplying alcohol (at the very very least) to teenaagers and having them party and stay over out at his party party party house.. etc... i think a few women from the department decided it was time to shut him down... but he died. so the university didn't have to do anything. and he was fondly remembered.

oh yeah... we used to have... sort of more formal parties.. with the administration big wigs from the university... at his city house (his wife worked in adminstation)... Before they split.. once the accusations became public.. i think the admin did try and keep things quiet about him. i suppose there were quite a few parties out at his party party party house.

i kept well away from all of that...

but, yeah. with hindsight.

and then he died. i suppose they wouldn't have wanted him saying anything about various other people in administration...

from memory... Tracy... Did she keep her mouth shut a bout that? Or... She started to speak up (but not as vocally as others) and... Now she works in administration. Yeah. Something like that.

Oooh. How...

Motivating and inspiring???

Mm.. Yeah.

I am really glad I chose not to supply children to this country.

The sooner extinction the better.




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