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Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 17:48:49

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by rjlockhart37 on August 22, 2021, at 17:15:32

Ashley Bloomfield is the Governer General of Health of New Zealand.

It is a position that is both political and a-political. Somehow. Mysteriously. I don't quite follow. I mean, there will be statutes that specify what his job is. But my experience of statutes that do that is that they itemise the things that the person paid to do that role will not do. The statutes itemise the things that will not be done by person paid to fill the role. Will not be done by them: Will not be done by anyone.

I suppose the idea is that you need to start by removing the judges from office. The judges who refuse to remove the executive offers who refuse to do the things that they are supposed to...

Just none of the things that are supposed to happen...

No rule of law.

Judges who go 'nonononono when the law says 'the thesis will be returned to the candidate' that's simply an historic metaphor! Surely! That will need at least 1 year with the court of appeal if not longer... Right??? Sure?? Can we go backwards any faster??? Degrees expire in 3 years.. . But we won't confer a Degree within 3 years that you've met the requirement for it... Because... Nobody can do anything... None of the things they are supposed to do.

So anyway... The job (part of the job) of Ashley Bloomfield... Was to declare about the lockdown.

Because we saw it coming. The inevitble. Right? China had been locked down. Various locations. The USA had been locked down. Various locations. New York, for example. Parts of Australia had been locked down. We had access to the information that they used to determine that they were going to lock down.

Their decisions to lock down parts of the country pre-dated our decision to lock-down the entire country of New Zealand.

Our decision was before community transmission -- but that's only because it took so long for community transmission to make it here. Beause that's how long it takes... Geographically... The flow of memes, ideas, policies... Is much slower. Physical migration is faster. We have community trnsmission ONLY JUST STARTING (as in within the last week).

So... His job... As the Governer General of Health was to order a lockdown.

Only.. He didn't do the things he was legally required to do for hte lockdown to be lawful.

So the first 5 days of lockdown were unlawful.

So... Anyone arrested for breaking lockdown within those first 5 days... Wasn't breaking lockdown.

Apparently the High Court said that Ashley Bloomfield's directive that the country was in lock-down was unlawfl for the first however many days.. 6 I think. But then he realised.. Or whatever.. And things happened so that it was lawful. Whatever needed to happen for it to be lawful.

The High Court said no consequences for the unlawful lockdown.

It is going through the court of appeal now. 1 year later.

Because, you know...

Andrew Borrowfield... Well... He is doing the whole 'I work on my PhD for 10+ years and do this work pro bono for the courts' (riiiight?????). Ohh. Andrew Borrowfield is the lawyer who did the case. I think he was forced to do it himself out of the goodness of his heart if he wanted the law people to give him his PhD that he did for Victoria University Wellington.

Because, you know... The govenrment won't pay anyone to do anyting worth doing. It needs to be completed under conditions of slavery otherwise it will not occur at all.


They are very very committed to showing the world how we can ensure we develop so vey much further behind everyone and everywhere else... Only allow things to be completed under conditions of slavery.



Andrew Borrowfield didn't ask the High Court to remove Bloomfield from office on the grounds that he knew (or ought to have known) how to give a lock-down order lawfully. Given that that's kind of sort of his primary function. His job. If you like. Bloomfield is one of the highest paid civil servant government workers in NZL who is paid close to half a million dollars per year...

So we are clear.. He had one job to do: Order a lock-down. He saw various parts of china do it... He saw various parts of USA do it. He saw Australia do it. He had access to Crown Law and various legal advice... ANd he was unwilling or unable to make the order in a manner that waslawful.

What was preventing him from doing his job? Did he document that at the time??

Perhaps it is time to go -- Ashley??

If you really are the best person for your job... You can always apply again next year -- right?

That's what they say to me when they won't let me study Medicien when I've actually completed the requirements for entry.. They refuse to process my application without grounds and they say to me 'awwwwww you can always apply again next year -- right?"

That's to get on a study course.

But he takes 1/2 a million a year. To be clear. To violate the rules. With impunity. When it was his job to know.


So this guy (paid half a million per year) who trained as a Medical Doctor...
Who is now paid half a million per year as a civil servant (that is to say as a person who remains in his job no matter who wins the election)...

Says he only just now got his very very first dose of Covid Vaccine.

Or... He didn't quite put it like that.

I think he thinks he is very clever. And my piont is that if he said something cleverly that is technically correct (e.g., he said 'my first Pfizer dose') but in actuality he has previously had some vaccination or other that was for Covid protection (ahead of his true group priority ranking becuase he is not a front-line worker...)

If he is lying... Misleading.. Being clever....


I genuinely struggle to understand why it is that I'm supposed to live my life on 'disability' because I"im supposedly 'incapacitated' in this country. Not able to have full time work. Not eligible for public university courses... While this f*ck*ng retard is paid half a million per year.

I call him a f*ck*ng retard because he is paid half a million per year to be 'clever' while I am paid nothing... To slave for the courts over the fact that this f*ck*ng retard takes from the public sector while contributing...


While... Oh yeah... Being part of the whole refusing to allow this country to develop.



Good sharing Ashley. I see your parents raised you real well. How's your children? They got their vaccines same day as you -- right? I mean if you weren't able to use your position to advantage your children ahead of everyone else... You waould be doing it wrong. Yes?

Well done Ashley. ALL OF THE THINGS FOR YOU. ALl of the degrees and titles and ALL of the money too. All of the things for you.

The laws dno't apply to you.

All of the things just for you.

Oh. And public adoration too.

Of course. All of the things jsut for you.




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