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Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:04:54

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 17:48:49

He is like the male Jesus, you see.

Lorde... About the female Jesus...

There's an awful lot of God complex in New Zealand.


I ever asked to be a matyr.

The mob treats me the way the mob treats me.

That's not on me, that's on the mob.


in Roe v The New Zealand Vice Chancellor's Committee the High Court of New Zealand said that it didn't matter that the Chief Executive (CE) of the NZVCC refused to follow the Student Complaints Procedure policy or protocol documents that specified he was to:

1) With another person (employee of the NZVCC) collect evidence pertaining to the complaint.
2) Forward the collected evidence and the complaint to the police so they can arrange for prosecution

The reason why he didn't have to do the things that the policy document said was:

1) He was prohibited from following the policy document because the policy document was ultra vires.

I am not kidding. The High Court Judge came up with this one. Not even the expensive lawyer that the CE chose to spend taxpayers dollars on employing for himself. The Education Act Statute of NZL charges the NZVCC with quality assurance issues for New Zealand Universities. Also with whistleblower protections for employees (which apparently don't apply to me as a studnet so there is no prohibition on New Zealand Universities flunking or failing or refusing to confer New Zealand University qualifications on people for whatever arbitrary reasons they choose including for teh reason that the person is going to speak out about serious wrongdoing within the University).

Also.. The judge said:

2) Even if he was allowed to write the policy document... He could simply change the rules next time. He said something in court about how he hadn't asked anybody else to help him make inquiries for years now.. He just never got around to changing the document to reflect his actual practice.

Does this look like a law court to you?

Does this look like justice?

I'm to pay nearly $20,000 in legal costs to his lawyers.. Because the judge found it credible that 1) He wasn't required to follow the law becuase the law was unlawful and 2) Even if he was required to follow the unlawful law he wasn't really required to follow it because he can just change it.

That's what rule of law means in New Zealand.


Oooooooooh. I know what I'm doing. I'm spending the next 10+ years as a slave to the NZ courts. I'm helping law be written in New Zealand. We are going to spend the next 5+ generations re-inventing the laws that have been developed centuries ago everwhere else in the deaveloped f*ck*ng world.

The only thing I am allowed to accomplish with my life in New Zealnda is the supreme court will pronounce something.. So minior.. Trival. With no consequeqnces whatsoever.

And then.. What... I'll get my pay-out and I can go.


Is that how nothing works here. seems likely.


Or... Don't get your pay outthen.

you selfish stupid little bitch.

If being praised by Ashley Bloomfield sin't sufficient incentive to you...

(if you would likely spit in his face)

You get nothing tehn.


See how New Zealand wno't develop???


We have had years since my thesis of 2018 to develop the health system.

The leaders refused to do that.


People will start dying soon. Thety wouldn't have it any other way.




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