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Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:17:01

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:04:54

I hear you saying that you felt coerced by your parents to get a vaccine when you didn't really want one.

I do hear you say that.

You are an adult... So you get to make up your own mind.

I find myself wondering, however, whether it is true that you were coerced into having a vaccine without your consent... Or whether it is true that you were afraid about having a vaccine but you had one anyway.

What I mean to say is that most people are (if they genuinely reflect) ambivalent. Part of them doesn't want to have a vaccine. Part of them doesn't want to go to a vaccine centre. Stand in a line for however long. Have a stranger pat your arm. Have a needle stuck in your arm. Worry about pericarditis... Anxious... It is normal to not want a vaccine. At least, in part.

But then there are other concerns. Part of you does want a vaccine. I am pretty sure I heard you want some of the things.. You didn't want to pass the vaccine on to someone... You didn't want to get sick with Covid. You want to be able to return to more normall.. Going outside etc. These are reasons to have a vaccine. Part of you wanted one too -- right?

So there is a tug of war... Between the reasons why and the reasons why not... Or a pull.. Or push... Between emotions.. Fears.. Etc...

There are various 'rational' or 'reasonable't hings you could have done if your rational choice was (all things considered) not to have a vaccine.

1) You could have made an appointment with a health professional and asked to discuss your concenns.

2) IN that appointment you could have expressed serious opposition (if you in fact had serious opposition at that point).

3) You could have asked about concientious objection at that point (if you wanted that at that point).

4) You would have been informed of what to do / how to go about that. Getting a medical exemption on... Well.. What were your reasons why you were seriously rationally all things considered choosing not to have a vacaacine???

Did you do any of that RJ?

Were you prevented from doing any of that?

If you told your parents you wanted to have a health appointment with a doctor to discuss your concerns abou vaccine then would they have allowed it? Or prevented it?

I get the sense... If you had have asked them to see a doctor.. They would have helped you do that.


I think that...


Your scope for making an informed consent decision is much much higher in the US than it is, for example, in NZL>

I do believe that the ideal.. The ideology...

Is that a health professional is obliged or obligated to help you come to an informed consenting decision.

Whereas in New Zealand I don't think we thiink that that is ethically or morally or clinically or... We don't do that.

I think we prescribe to our doctors that they are to tell (force, coerce, make) their patients do whatever it is that the government says they should do.

And every now and then teh GP registration people decide to go after (not the sexual offenders and wrongful death bringers) but the medical doctors who say that their own personal opino is something a bit different from the party line.





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