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the anti vaccine anti vaccine conspiracy

Posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 17:40:01

take two groups of people. one is a 'priority' group that should have priority for a bunch of reasons. Let's call that group A. another is not a priority group for a bunch of reasons. Let's call that group B.

Now what we want to do is to take from group A and give to group B.

So we construct some super-group comprised or consisting of the members of both group A and group B. Let us call it group C. And we go on about how we are proritising for group C in the name of all the reasons we needed to proritise group A while actually giving to group B.


Let group A be front line workers. Those at our borders primarily. So those working on the ports and the airlines. People dealing with the cargo. And people dealing with interacting with the people coming into the country on boats and planes.

Let group B be administrators and managers. Those who don't do anything they can't do over zoom or phone or whatever. People who don't need to be dealing with the cargo or the incoming people.

Now let's call group C the 'priority group 1' in our vaccine roll-out.

So they go on about various people needing to be prioritised because consider the people in group A. And then they vaccine group C. By virtue of them being lumped together in group B.

See how that works? See how that goes?



New Zealand likely wants to have 80 per cent of the eligible people vaccinated before opening the country up.

We stalled around 30 per cent. Right? That's what the USA did however many years ago...

To start with they couldn't (they wouldn't) vaccinate group A. Hoarding.

Group B people got their vaccines.

Then things stalled at around 30 per cent eligible people.


So they changed the eligibility criterion so they could say that they were still putting the shots in the arms.

They started vaccinating younger and younger people...


New Zealand is now saying that seventy-something of people over 40 either have had a vaccine or have booked to have a vaccine.


The thing of it is:

They will end lockdown and likely open the boarders, too, before people have been able to get a vaccination.


They don't listen..

It is very very resolute. The way they inform people of what is going to happen. The forced compliance.

They don't want people stating (when they feel ready to state it) that they want a vaccine. They choose to have one.

Because the government wants to choose who has one and when(ish) they have it. And the people will comply.

They want to beleive that when teh people don't have their vaccine that's beucause the people didn't want to have their vaccine.

The whole 'anti-vaccer' thing.. I think that is more likely itself a mechanism that the government likes to use to blame the people for why it is that they didn't have access to healthcare. They say 'well the person could have had the vaccine -- but they themselves chose not to have it. They believed the anti-vaccer messages'. Or whatever...

I am trying ot understand why else they are so very very reluctant with the informed consent...


Our online booking website thing was / is broken.

They are vaccinating people in drive-throughs now. Without a booking. Apparently the vaccination centres were vaccinating people without a booking before.

They won't allow you to book.

You are supposed to phone a number and have a cry about how you need to be priorised for this that and the other reason... Have a cry to the manager. Bow and scrape. Scrape and bow. Get given a special 'exemption'.


Only vaccinate the ineligible? Right?
Only vaccinate the ones who are too young.. Who didn't book.. The cue jumpers..

As for the available appointment times for people trying ot do things by the book...

That's now how this corner of the world works.

That's how this corner of the world does nto work.

How much of the world does not work.

In a way that is truly.. Uh.. Motivational? INspirational?


You see the inequities... That they chose to in-build.
You see the game they chose to design.
The game they chose to play.


I suppose we have yet to re-invent the wheel for ourselves... See how little difference vaccines actually make...

It's just a record of the inequities.

A permanent record (a vaccine record) that peopel were happy about that being down on their record...

The 'I am a cheaty mc cheater' down on their record. If that was in fact what they were...

Do you think people with options would chose to playl with cheaty mc cheaters? Some do. They think they are clever-er than. I suppose.

I don't know.


Lie and cheat your way in... Lie and cheat your way through your degree.. Only give degrees to the liars and cheaters...

WHere is my degree? for the work that I did in 2018?

Ohhh.. You are trying to teach me some kind of lesson as to how fundamentally morally corrupt and bankrupt you are. I mean.. What other lesson could there possibly be the fact that you don't provide the stupid piece of f*ck*ng paper the transcipt that was supposed to be the wages or credit or recognition or reward for the work that was done.

F*ck*ng psychopaths.

And the courts...

Won't do it.

We are nto a country that is rule by law at all. Not so far as I can see.

Pedophiles get home detention.
People who commit fraud to buy themselves mansions get home detention.

Tehse aren't punishments fo rhteir crimes they are Covid restrictions.

We don't have laws at all...

I guess we saw that during the lockdown where the Minister of Health was driving his car around to go to the beach... To go mountain biking...

He wasn't accosted by a couple people claiming to be police threatening to throw him th eback of a car and detain him in a room...

Sometimes you are and sometimes you aren't.

Sometimes they are on government payroll as police or military. Othertimes tehy are on government payroll as gang members. Othertimes they are just concerned citizens doing whatever they want whenever they want because they want -- right?



I'm sorry... Where is the judicial finding that shows that timely justice is possibly attainable via the courts?


Re: the anti vaccine anti vaccine conspiracy

Posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 18:00:57

In reply to the anti vaccine anti vaccine conspiracy, posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 17:40:01

so Biden says "All Americans who want out of Afghanastan will be able to get out".

And maybe he's a liar... But that's what he said. That's the ideal.

Jacinda Arden says "Not all New Zealanders and people who want to come to New Zealand from Afghanastan will be able to".

That's her special way of lumping together two groups (New Zealanders) and (people who want to come to New Zealand) to try and obscure the fact that New Zealand is going to prevent and prohibit and obstruct some New Zealand Citizens from getting back into New Zealand.

Because looking after people... The people... The citizens... Isn't thought to be a duty. Not to the Government. Rights are all about powers and powers are all about doing whatever you want whenever you want because you want. There is no conception of duty. Duty of care to the people. Duty of care that the people of the country grow up learning reading writing and airthmetic. That's 3 things. You need 5, say, as a normal workload in your second to last and last year of High School. There is room for languages. And sciences. And art. And sport. With after-school hobbies and extra-curriculars...

But no... Citizens are things to be exploited and ruled over. Things to be forced to labor for low-value jobs which they are only allowed to labor on because they are low-value jobs. Just reminding everyone how much power you have to enforce low-value jobs upon your people. Head of the rubbish.



Then why don't you aknowledge teh work that they've done? Why don't you give them the qualifications when they've done the work for them?

Why won't you enrol them in the programme they applied to?
Graduate them when they've met the requirqements?

Why would you enrol various people in the program of YOUR rataher than THEIR choosing.

Oh, because you can.

And I'm supposed to be motivated and incentivised to suck up to you... Despite all the b*llsh*t crap you throw at me... Because I dream of being you, one day. Of abusing people just like you are abusing others now... Wow... Yeah.. MMM. I just want to be just like you...

Only I don't.

That's a problem. Yeah.


The bar had to get pretty low...

The governemnt of NZ was honest...

The NZ government MAKES or SAVES itself money during lock-downs.

I'm not entirely sure how... But closing down the economy... It isn't closing down NZ's economy at all. The government has more money in it's pockets from lock-down than it has from business as usual.

He looked... Sheepish. Embarrassed.. Somewhat. Our minister of finance. To say that we predicted doom and gloom for the economy for the very first lock-down...

But the government ended up being much much better off after the lock-down than they supposed. He said the economy was actually in a much better shape than they thought it was.

They had.. Money they genuinely didn't seem to know what to do with.

They were handing out vast sums to the big businesses. They were supposed to use the money to pay their workers. So their workers would remain employed with the company during the lock-down and the company would pay teh workers during the lockdown.

But the companies refused to use the money to pay the workers. THey chose to give the money back to the government rather than paying the workers to keep the workers around.

The businesses learned that they didn't actually need employees.

So... The government is putting more and more on... Welfare.. Right?

They are claiming very very very very very very low rates of unemployment. There has been stuff in the media about how we are at the limit of employability... Saying that we don't have jobs for any more people.

THey say that...

They are not able to put people to productive use..


Not able to...


So we have all these people just sitting around.. ON welfare. Right.



Twiddling thumbs. Streaming TV... Computer games... Killing time.

Wishing they were dead already.

No will to live.

In their sh*tty houses.

While the government refuses to pay people for...

Productive activity...


What productive activity could be done...

Let's see...


Wehre are the journals? Where are the theses? The graduate student research work? Where is it? In hard copy in the library -- right? ON the shelves. Books bound and lodged there.


Your graduate research students aren't allowed to produce research?


You won't pay people to be researchers? No post-doctoral fellowships?

How about those scholarships then.. For the summer research projects and the like.. They turn into articles -- right? For a journal -- right? For a student journal? No? They made posters that they presented to basically nobody.. So people could walk aroudn and tell them what sh*t they made... So there would not be a permanent record of the work that they did. An article. In a journal.

No. No productivity. Stopit. Stop. Stop working. Put down your pens. No work. No more work for you. No pay.

Nothing. Nada. Zip Zilch zero.

Just curl up and die already -- mm kay??


Let's see... Other kinds of work...

Nursing.. Right.

We have such a shortage of nurses.

But the government won't subsidise nursing training the way it is choosing to subsidise other things.

Because the truth of it is that we love to cry about how short we are of nurses but the reality is that we bully them and abuse them and we won't pay them and we expect them to work for free. Right?

Or we will only pay tehm if they bully and abuse people to teach the people not to ask for help. Not to present for help. Right?

That's a good job. Bullying and abusing...

Hey... You could be a teacher -- right?

Same thing there?

The bullies and abusers can have permanent positions.. They can give the classes they don't like (the classes of kids who aren't allowed reading writing and arithmetic) to a succession of temporary staff who will spend all their time pandering to and sucking up to the permanents... Trying to get the permanents to like them enough so that they will.. Breakt he rules fo rhtem, no doubt. TUrn a blind eye to their visa overstaying and give them permanent work...


Tis the kiwi way?


Paving stones?

Just keep on workign... Keep on working... Hey just another day of paving the paving stones. Just one more day. One more stone hey. Then we'll put you on payrol land pay you properly?

Your not eligible?

Nobody is eligible?

Everybody is ineligible. Invalid. Not valid. Not a person. And then they just pick and choose whatever they want whenever they want because they want...

And they can't wear fancy suits in public...

They'll likely be popped in the back of the head...


our economy does better during lock-down

Posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 18:39:00

In reply to Re: the anti vaccine anti vaccine conspiracy, posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 18:00:57

the NZ government has more money during lock-down than they have when the country is open.

I suppose that makes some kind of sense. That government is supposed to use the teeny tiny little bit of tax that they actually enforce gets paid to them... They are supposed to use the tiny amount they actually bother to collect...

To provide goods and services for the people.

Lock-down doesn't appear to reduce the amount of money they collect from taxes. Doesn't appear to reduce their revenue.

Lock-down appears to curb their spending...

I suppose because the building and infrastructure projects are stopped. Halted. And that saves them money. I suppose that's how come the buildings were not maintained and so on over previous years. Because it was cheaper for the government in the short term not to do that.

So the economy of NZ improves during level 4 lockdown.

And the government thinks that...


What proportion of our people... Should die for the good of the group?

Because that is where we are at in our moral development. As a country. We don't follow utilitarianism to it's logical conclusion and go 'so much the worse for utilitarianism as a moral theory' that is not what we do. We follow utilitarianism to it's logical conclusion and we then proclaim that that is the morally right thing to do.

Apparently NZ gets access to euthanasia medications November. We will start euthanising people. Don't worry -- only the voluntary. We have seen what voluntary looks like, recently, no? We have been vaccinating people who voluntariliy chose to be vaccinated... Allowing people who voluntarily choose to be vaccinated to have vaccines?


Sounds legit. Yeah? In the context.. IN the unique NZ context...

The people who were all 'we don't think that legalising euthanasia is a good idea because then people will be pressured into being euthanised'... These... Old fashioned people. I thought they were. But they were the leaders... Or the people 'in the know'. And they were describing the way things are. Things are in fact such that our people do not have informed consent. The doctors are not trained or taught about informed consent. They are trained or taught that the reason why you want to be a doctor (the only reason why you would want to be a doctor, the only reason that we will accept for you being a doctor in NZ is if you are a my way of the highway kinda person where your way is the wayt hat the government has prescribed for you to be'.

I mean to say.. The party line.

And the NZ government has decided.. How many.. ANd which of.. The people of NZ are... Well.. It would be better for the government if the people were dead. Right.

We would rather people die. We want the children... Because abusing them is fun... Then we can work them in the plantations or on the front line ages 16-19. Then 20-30 they can pop us a few babies. Then it's time to curl up and die. By 40 ideally. Die already. Leave us your babies and walk away... We've streamed them into 5 art classes or art and sport classes or maaori language and art and sport ... The only culturally appropriate classes for them...

That's our plan.

That's our plan stan.

That's our contribution to the worlds global economy.


Who asked NZL to feed 40 million people?


Why won't we secondary process any of our primary produce?

From carving swamp kauri...

Oh yeah... We can't tell the difference between a skilled carver and a bully. And we will pay the one to steal the other ones labors and pass it off as his own... And we wil not pay the onesn with capacity... Nope. Noppers. Money laundering. Manaaging the administration of the prevention of anybody doing any work at all.

To... High Value produce.. LIke.. Aged cheeses or wines... Nope.. Cheap just pour the ethanol into a vat. That's how we plan to 'feed' the 40 million. round-up honey. nitrates in the milk powder.


Why won't we tertiary anything??

People contributing to... Civilisation.

Technology. Science. Arts.



Journals? Books? Articles?




All the work that goes into keeping the people under-productive.

All the work thkat goes into isolating people.

Splitting up familites. Preventing like-minded people from congregating...


Most nations of the world.. WEll. Australia... USA.. Have adults wanting to study medicine later in life.. From all walks...

Why haven't I met peers in NZ on my return?


Oh I'm sure someone is trying ot force me to do.. Force me.. FOrce. Force. Force me..

I mean why wouldn't you when you are getting away with it...


There is no justice in the High Courts of New Zealand...


Same old same old judges sitting on the Court of Appeal.

Another year. Yawn.

They keep giving themselves exensions.

Looks like this:

Courts say to me 'you need to pay us $7,000 security for costs by x date before we will hear your case. So taht we have some money from you if you lose. Or you can apply for security for costs to be waived on the grounds that this is a matter of public interest or on grounds of financial impecunoisity'.

So you apply for security for costs to be waived.

At which point they detain the application 'to be processed' indefinately. They keep granting extentions on the deadline for security to be paid.. But they haven't accepted that it is a matter of public interest that NZ Universities refuse to enrol people in the degree they have applied to. Enrol them in degrees they never applied to. Invoice their studnet loan for degrees they never applied to. Refuse to get theie work that was done to examiners to prevent and prohibit them signing off on qualification completions. Send work out asking it to be examined for degrees different from the ones the student applied for and also different from the one they enrolled the studnet in.

They still halven't found that it's a matter of public interest that the nzvcc (the whistleblower complaints process) for complaints of serious wrongdoing within the university... The vice chancellor of there simply refuses to accept that the complaints he receives are in fact complaints of serious wrongdoing. He reufuses to do what the policy dodcuments say he will do. He refuses to investigate complalints properly he refuses to forard the information he has collected to prosecutiion in ordre to prevent or prohibit prosecution from prosecuting corruption within new zealand universities.

They still haven't found that it's a matter of public interest that nz universities refuse to supply applications to medicine to people who are eligible to study medicine according to parliamentary degree (by statute). They refuse to supply applications to enrol.. They refuse to follow their own published selection algorithm and offer places on the basis of objective rank order list score. They haven't found that it is a matter of public interest that they are not being fair or equitable at all in how they select medical studnets.

They have no claim to being rule of or rule by law. They refuse to follow the laws. The courts refuse to pronounce or proclaim the laws. They refus e to acknowledge the laws as written. They refuse to deliver meaningful consequeqnces for legal violation. They refuse to remove form office the people who refuse to follow the laws. They refuse to order or direct the government executive to f*ck*ng well hurry up and do that which has been ordered by parliament directive.

They pretend to be too stupid to follow along... The judges say things like 'well maybe that's just metaphoric'. Teh judges suggest things like 'returnign the thesis to the examiners' just means the dean says 'no I don't accept the thesis' and the external examiners dn't need to courier the hardcopy they were sent to the student to return the thesis...

These kinds of suggestions.. The jduge says them to me like there is something wrong with me that I'm not following along the logic or obviosu correctness comprised of them doing whatever they want whenever they want with the sanctio of the courts.

F*ck*ng incredulous stare is right.

Where is my f*ck*ng degree????

NZ expects the world to supply euthanasia drugs...

For theleaders or... I mean really... What was supposed to happen with that? How were things supposed to go?

Where are the informed consent forms?

Oh yeah.. Signed by gruop 1 members? Those members of the board who proclaimed that they were entitlted to a vaccine as a member of group 1.

They weren't breaking any laws.. They reckno.

That's there interpretation of teh spirit of the law. The directive...

Yeah right.

F*ck*ng psychopaths.


Re: our economy does better during lock-down

Posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 18:57:54

In reply to our economy does better during lock-down, posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 18:39:00

They admit fully that they get to see what happens in various other parts of the world before deciding how they are going to do things...

But it is more that they get to see... One line. One version. One idea.. Of what happened. One version of the story...

And make more of an informed choice.. A more informed choice... Than they would be in the position to make without the benefit of a little slice of history...


For instance...

I was concerned about why there was a hospital merger. Lifespan merging with a public hospital. Why? Why? Why?

Was the private hospital thinking how to make more money off of the public sector... Maybe... Taking organs from the poor and sort of effectively selling them to the rich with transplants or...

And then I saw that it meant the merged hospital meant the members of the board of the merged hospital (so these people who were on the board of the private hospital before) now have access to vaccines.

Because the vaccines were initially distributed in the public sector -- right? So that means the people on the board of the private hospital could get their hands on vaccines early by being members on the board of a private public merged hospital. Or whatever.

And I thought maybe the merger was a 'what is in it for us' scenario or situation for the private people... Those with every privaledge and advantage already.. At the expense of the public. At the expense of those worst off...

That was my concern. My fear or whatever.


But since... There have been inklings.. Of some things being.. Genuinely.. Worked through.

Trying to geniunely work through some things. For improvement.

Sorting out a terribly dysfunctional hospital... Trying.


And of course...

To realise that...

In that part of the world...

The people sitting on the board of the private hospital...

Mostly likely...

Would have had the opportunity...

Months and months and months before anything was distributed federally...

To participate in very very very early trials of vaccines.

Say, Moderna, coming out of Boston.

So it isn't plausible to think, at all...

That they would do something so major as merging a hospital... For access to vaccines...

When, if they were so much wanting vaccines. Those people in that position most likely would have been able to have accessed them much earlier.






What did our leaders choose to see?

From the news. Where the members of the board took vaccines earlier than the front line workers (first, ahead of their turn) and said 'we weren't breaking any laws'.. And there was some murmering about how 'even if you weren't breaking any laws it undermines public confidence in you using your position... Well not using your position to profit yourself at others expense'. About how it wasn't a good look. It wasn't a good look. Even if it wasn't breaking laws. It wasn't a good look. Fro the members of the board to have their vaccines first.

They had them first publically.



That was BEFORE half the Auckland District Health Board had their vaccines first.

Not publically. Behind closed doors. Because they learned enough from how things went down overseas to not do that publically.

That's the informed consenting decision that half the members of the Auckland district health board board... Made. What was right for them. To take their vaccine early.

They signed something apparently. To say that they were legtimately group 1.


I do hope that is grounds for them never to be employed as public servants again.

Not in any position of any decision making power... That is really to say not in any position at all.


They reckon the public sector needs to pay them that much becuase they'd be making more money in the private sector.

Well.. NZL cannot say it has an over-developed private sector. So, then. Off you go.


Re: our economy does better during lock-down

Posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 19:08:02

In reply to Re: our economy does better during lock-down, posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 18:57:54

At least they will be okay -- right?

It isn't particularly cruel or inhumane to remove from them their livlihood. Their way of life.

It isn't particularly cruel to simply stop their copious salaries.

Because their copious salaries were supposedly justified on the grounds that they would be earning more in the private sector.

So, then, it is to their own financial advantage for them to be terminated from the public sector with a little mark against their name (imposed by a fair process of courts.. Right.. . the outcome of a trial.. Right.. Justice) to indicate that they are not to be trusted in the public sector or in any position where the aim or the goal isn't to profit themselves personally at everyone else's expense.

They think they would get more in the private sector. So then. Off they go. Don't worry about that. Don't worry about them. They will be alright. Off they go.


What about me?

I never claimed to get more money from the private sector.

No. I claimed not to be motivated by money.

Which meant these crooks thought they were entitled to keep me and force me as slave.

F*ck*ng psychopaths.


Apparently it only costs $100,000 per year to keep someone in prison

(Yeah right)

So: How can we afford not to imprison them.


They earn at least 2x that.

I am sure we could find someone to actually do the job that was actually supposed to have been done for $100,000 per year...


It's all a b*llsh*t crock.

To hidey hide the fact that we refuse to do any of the things that we are supposed to do... MOre.. We refuse to allow any of the things to be done.

The point of management / administration is to ensure that the workers are incapacitated. Not able to do the job they are supposed to do. To ensure the job they are supposed to do is not done. Is not done by them. Is not done by anyone.

The job of the justice system is to ensure that we take from the poor and give to the rich.

The job of the health system is to euthanise as many people as we can get way with... Once we've ammasssed 20 million babies, apparently. I mean... If it's not morally right to torture an innocent child solely for fun...




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