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the anti vaccine anti vaccine conspiracy

Posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 17:40:01

take two groups of people. one is a 'priority' group that should have priority for a bunch of reasons. Let's call that group A. another is not a priority group for a bunch of reasons. Let's call that group B.

Now what we want to do is to take from group A and give to group B.

So we construct some super-group comprised or consisting of the members of both group A and group B. Let us call it group C. And we go on about how we are proritising for group C in the name of all the reasons we needed to proritise group A while actually giving to group B.


Let group A be front line workers. Those at our borders primarily. So those working on the ports and the airlines. People dealing with the cargo. And people dealing with interacting with the people coming into the country on boats and planes.

Let group B be administrators and managers. Those who don't do anything they can't do over zoom or phone or whatever. People who don't need to be dealing with the cargo or the incoming people.

Now let's call group C the 'priority group 1' in our vaccine roll-out.

So they go on about various people needing to be prioritised because consider the people in group A. And then they vaccine group C. By virtue of them being lumped together in group B.

See how that works? See how that goes?



New Zealand likely wants to have 80 per cent of the eligible people vaccinated before opening the country up.

We stalled around 30 per cent. Right? That's what the USA did however many years ago...

To start with they couldn't (they wouldn't) vaccinate group A. Hoarding.

Group B people got their vaccines.

Then things stalled at around 30 per cent eligible people.


So they changed the eligibility criterion so they could say that they were still putting the shots in the arms.

They started vaccinating younger and younger people...


New Zealand is now saying that seventy-something of people over 40 either have had a vaccine or have booked to have a vaccine.


The thing of it is:

They will end lockdown and likely open the boarders, too, before people have been able to get a vaccination.


They don't listen..

It is very very resolute. The way they inform people of what is going to happen. The forced compliance.

They don't want people stating (when they feel ready to state it) that they want a vaccine. They choose to have one.

Because the government wants to choose who has one and when(ish) they have it. And the people will comply.

They want to beleive that when teh people don't have their vaccine that's beucause the people didn't want to have their vaccine.

The whole 'anti-vaccer' thing.. I think that is more likely itself a mechanism that the government likes to use to blame the people for why it is that they didn't have access to healthcare. They say 'well the person could have had the vaccine -- but they themselves chose not to have it. They believed the anti-vaccer messages'. Or whatever...

I am trying ot understand why else they are so very very reluctant with the informed consent...


Our online booking website thing was / is broken.

They are vaccinating people in drive-throughs now. Without a booking. Apparently the vaccination centres were vaccinating people without a booking before.

They won't allow you to book.

You are supposed to phone a number and have a cry about how you need to be priorised for this that and the other reason... Have a cry to the manager. Bow and scrape. Scrape and bow. Get given a special 'exemption'.


Only vaccinate the ineligible? Right?
Only vaccinate the ones who are too young.. Who didn't book.. The cue jumpers..

As for the available appointment times for people trying ot do things by the book...

That's now how this corner of the world works.

That's how this corner of the world does nto work.

How much of the world does not work.

In a way that is truly.. Uh.. Motivational? INspirational?


You see the inequities... That they chose to in-build.
You see the game they chose to design.
The game they chose to play.


I suppose we have yet to re-invent the wheel for ourselves... See how little difference vaccines actually make...

It's just a record of the inequities.

A permanent record (a vaccine record) that peopel were happy about that being down on their record...

The 'I am a cheaty mc cheater' down on their record. If that was in fact what they were...

Do you think people with options would chose to playl with cheaty mc cheaters? Some do. They think they are clever-er than. I suppose.

I don't know.


Lie and cheat your way in... Lie and cheat your way through your degree.. Only give degrees to the liars and cheaters...

WHere is my degree? for the work that I did in 2018?

Ohhh.. You are trying to teach me some kind of lesson as to how fundamentally morally corrupt and bankrupt you are. I mean.. What other lesson could there possibly be the fact that you don't provide the stupid piece of f*ck*ng paper the transcipt that was supposed to be the wages or credit or recognition or reward for the work that was done.

F*ck*ng psychopaths.

And the courts...

Won't do it.

We are nto a country that is rule by law at all. Not so far as I can see.

Pedophiles get home detention.
People who commit fraud to buy themselves mansions get home detention.

Tehse aren't punishments fo rhteir crimes they are Covid restrictions.

We don't have laws at all...

I guess we saw that during the lockdown where the Minister of Health was driving his car around to go to the beach... To go mountain biking...

He wasn't accosted by a couple people claiming to be police threatening to throw him th eback of a car and detain him in a room...

Sometimes you are and sometimes you aren't.

Sometimes they are on government payroll as police or military. Othertimes tehy are on government payroll as gang members. Othertimes they are just concerned citizens doing whatever they want whenever they want because they want -- right?



I'm sorry... Where is the judicial finding that shows that timely justice is possibly attainable via the courts?




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