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Re: the anti vaccine anti vaccine conspiracy

Posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 18:00:57

In reply to the anti vaccine anti vaccine conspiracy, posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 17:40:01

so Biden says "All Americans who want out of Afghanastan will be able to get out".

And maybe he's a liar... But that's what he said. That's the ideal.

Jacinda Arden says "Not all New Zealanders and people who want to come to New Zealand from Afghanastan will be able to".

That's her special way of lumping together two groups (New Zealanders) and (people who want to come to New Zealand) to try and obscure the fact that New Zealand is going to prevent and prohibit and obstruct some New Zealand Citizens from getting back into New Zealand.

Because looking after people... The people... The citizens... Isn't thought to be a duty. Not to the Government. Rights are all about powers and powers are all about doing whatever you want whenever you want because you want. There is no conception of duty. Duty of care to the people. Duty of care that the people of the country grow up learning reading writing and airthmetic. That's 3 things. You need 5, say, as a normal workload in your second to last and last year of High School. There is room for languages. And sciences. And art. And sport. With after-school hobbies and extra-curriculars...

But no... Citizens are things to be exploited and ruled over. Things to be forced to labor for low-value jobs which they are only allowed to labor on because they are low-value jobs. Just reminding everyone how much power you have to enforce low-value jobs upon your people. Head of the rubbish.



Then why don't you aknowledge teh work that they've done? Why don't you give them the qualifications when they've done the work for them?

Why won't you enrol them in the programme they applied to?
Graduate them when they've met the requirqements?

Why would you enrol various people in the program of YOUR rataher than THEIR choosing.

Oh, because you can.

And I'm supposed to be motivated and incentivised to suck up to you... Despite all the b*llsh*t crap you throw at me... Because I dream of being you, one day. Of abusing people just like you are abusing others now... Wow... Yeah.. MMM. I just want to be just like you...

Only I don't.

That's a problem. Yeah.


The bar had to get pretty low...

The governemnt of NZ was honest...

The NZ government MAKES or SAVES itself money during lock-downs.

I'm not entirely sure how... But closing down the economy... It isn't closing down NZ's economy at all. The government has more money in it's pockets from lock-down than it has from business as usual.

He looked... Sheepish. Embarrassed.. Somewhat. Our minister of finance. To say that we predicted doom and gloom for the economy for the very first lock-down...

But the government ended up being much much better off after the lock-down than they supposed. He said the economy was actually in a much better shape than they thought it was.

They had.. Money they genuinely didn't seem to know what to do with.

They were handing out vast sums to the big businesses. They were supposed to use the money to pay their workers. So their workers would remain employed with the company during the lock-down and the company would pay teh workers during the lockdown.

But the companies refused to use the money to pay the workers. THey chose to give the money back to the government rather than paying the workers to keep the workers around.

The businesses learned that they didn't actually need employees.

So... The government is putting more and more on... Welfare.. Right?

They are claiming very very very very very very low rates of unemployment. There has been stuff in the media about how we are at the limit of employability... Saying that we don't have jobs for any more people.

THey say that...

They are not able to put people to productive use..


Not able to...


So we have all these people just sitting around.. ON welfare. Right.



Twiddling thumbs. Streaming TV... Computer games... Killing time.

Wishing they were dead already.

No will to live.

In their sh*tty houses.

While the government refuses to pay people for...

Productive activity...


What productive activity could be done...

Let's see...


Wehre are the journals? Where are the theses? The graduate student research work? Where is it? In hard copy in the library -- right? ON the shelves. Books bound and lodged there.


Your graduate research students aren't allowed to produce research?


You won't pay people to be researchers? No post-doctoral fellowships?

How about those scholarships then.. For the summer research projects and the like.. They turn into articles -- right? For a journal -- right? For a student journal? No? They made posters that they presented to basically nobody.. So people could walk aroudn and tell them what sh*t they made... So there would not be a permanent record of the work that they did. An article. In a journal.

No. No productivity. Stopit. Stop. Stop working. Put down your pens. No work. No more work for you. No pay.

Nothing. Nada. Zip Zilch zero.

Just curl up and die already -- mm kay??


Let's see... Other kinds of work...

Nursing.. Right.

We have such a shortage of nurses.

But the government won't subsidise nursing training the way it is choosing to subsidise other things.

Because the truth of it is that we love to cry about how short we are of nurses but the reality is that we bully them and abuse them and we won't pay them and we expect them to work for free. Right?

Or we will only pay tehm if they bully and abuse people to teach the people not to ask for help. Not to present for help. Right?

That's a good job. Bullying and abusing...

Hey... You could be a teacher -- right?

Same thing there?

The bullies and abusers can have permanent positions.. They can give the classes they don't like (the classes of kids who aren't allowed reading writing and arithmetic) to a succession of temporary staff who will spend all their time pandering to and sucking up to the permanents... Trying to get the permanents to like them enough so that they will.. Breakt he rules fo rhtem, no doubt. TUrn a blind eye to their visa overstaying and give them permanent work...


Tis the kiwi way?


Paving stones?

Just keep on workign... Keep on working... Hey just another day of paving the paving stones. Just one more day. One more stone hey. Then we'll put you on payrol land pay you properly?

Your not eligible?

Nobody is eligible?

Everybody is ineligible. Invalid. Not valid. Not a person. And then they just pick and choose whatever they want whenever they want because they want...

And they can't wear fancy suits in public...

They'll likely be popped in the back of the head...




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