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Re: our economy does better during lock-down

Posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 19:08:02

In reply to Re: our economy does better during lock-down, posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 18:57:54

At least they will be okay -- right?

It isn't particularly cruel or inhumane to remove from them their livlihood. Their way of life.

It isn't particularly cruel to simply stop their copious salaries.

Because their copious salaries were supposedly justified on the grounds that they would be earning more in the private sector.

So, then, it is to their own financial advantage for them to be terminated from the public sector with a little mark against their name (imposed by a fair process of courts.. Right.. . the outcome of a trial.. Right.. Justice) to indicate that they are not to be trusted in the public sector or in any position where the aim or the goal isn't to profit themselves personally at everyone else's expense.

They think they would get more in the private sector. So then. Off they go. Don't worry about that. Don't worry about them. They will be alright. Off they go.


What about me?

I never claimed to get more money from the private sector.

No. I claimed not to be motivated by money.

Which meant these crooks thought they were entitled to keep me and force me as slave.

F*ck*ng psychopaths.


Apparently it only costs $100,000 per year to keep someone in prison

(Yeah right)

So: How can we afford not to imprison them.


They earn at least 2x that.

I am sure we could find someone to actually do the job that was actually supposed to have been done for $100,000 per year...


It's all a b*llsh*t crock.

To hidey hide the fact that we refuse to do any of the things that we are supposed to do... MOre.. We refuse to allow any of the things to be done.

The point of management / administration is to ensure that the workers are incapacitated. Not able to do the job they are supposed to do. To ensure the job they are supposed to do is not done. Is not done by them. Is not done by anyone.

The job of the justice system is to ensure that we take from the poor and give to the rich.

The job of the health system is to euthanise as many people as we can get way with... Once we've ammasssed 20 million babies, apparently. I mean... If it's not morally right to torture an innocent child solely for fun...







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