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apparently it was 3 people

Posted by alexandra_k on September 25, 2021, at 18:00:55

In reply to Re: excluded from international trade, posted by alexandra_k on September 25, 2021, at 17:49:38

3 people who chose to sell weapons to a group on the UN blacklist. the government department or whatever that chose to do that. the responsibility lies with them, or whatever. and apparently they didn't violate a statute. says jacinda ardern. who gets to decide such things. she gets to decide what the statutes say and how they are to be interpreted. she decides whether the statutory law is to be used as a tool for natural justice. because she decides what natural justice is. she has a vision like that, you see...

a vision of natural justice. whereby if 3 people decide to sell weapons (state owned assets?) to people on the UN black-list... then they should be free to do that. because that's how we like to do business in new zealand.

so we don't do business with the developed world. the USA and england and australia...

we wanted to do business with china. we saw the slave camps of xin jiang and we got all aspirational. we saw how they were treating the uighur people and we got all teary eyed full of the possibilities for how we could treat people here, too. we heard about organ harvesting and unlawful detention of the falun gong and we went 'meeeeee tooooooo' 'weeee wanna beeee just like yoooooou!'

so not even china wants to do business with us.

china is looking at joining international trade things that we were part of. i am sure they will simply replace us with china. china is trying to do something about improving things in china... but that involves china needing to cut ties with nations like nz who do not have the cognitive capacity or the moral development or any of whatever it is that is required to get with teh f*ck*ng programme already.

can't do business with nz when nz is trying to drive everything down into the ground all the time. the exterminiation strategy. the extinction plan. taking all the cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap goods. produced by slave labor. forcing the slaves of new zealand (forcing the people held on welfare) to purchase only the cheap cheap cheap goods. forcing them always to the cheap purchases where everything needs to be constantly replaced. keeping them dependent, you see. needing to buy new clothes constantly because they wear out so fast. cheap cheap cheap. cheap plastic crap not fit for purpose. cheap cheap cheap. only question is how low can we go? no! think lower! think lower and lower and lower than low!!

that's the grand economic plan of how our mighty economic leaders envisaged our country.

our people as cattle.

lambs. to the slaughter.

expendible and replaceble.

apparently our grand mental health strategy is 'population focused'. because treating people like expendable cattle and sheep is what makes for happy people -- didn't you know??

ensuring there is no humanity. no meaning. to purpose. nothing worth working for or towards.

very much the kiwi way.

anything anything anything at all for $25 and a night in a night-club -- right john key?

allllll the blow-jobs for john key. for $25 john key. right?




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