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excluded from international trade

Posted by alexandra_k on September 25, 2021, at 17:34:20

so they are being a bit more real about why it is that NZ did not know anything at all about any nuclear submarine deal until after it was publicly announced.

people from nz were selling weapons to some people from somewhere in the middle east where they were clearly on a UN black-list.

apparently they didn't break a NZ statute in so doing. says Jacinda Ardern. Well of course, she's the police, the district attorney's office (ahahahahhahahaha) the public prosecutors office (ahahahhahahahhahah), the jury... She's the judge, she's the 3 judges on the court of appeal, she's the however many judges in the NZ supreme court.

She's the supreme court judges in Australia. All of them -- didn't you know? She's very busy... With all the autopsy results she has to report on, as well. Deciding whether deaths are covid-related or not, whether there is any point to a police investigation when you can hold someone hostage in the psychiatric detention facility forever -- right?

Charming country this.

So NZ is a 'nuclear exclusion zone' by which they mean our government will not be privy to anything to do with nuclear anything. Because they cannot be trusted to be responsible not even with the little teaser things you give them just to see...

Just enough rope to hang themselves with.

Is the idea of it.

Putting the cookie jar just within reach.

'I'll give you 10 million dollars to give me a private room the public hospital so I have ultimate discretion over what happens with this kid I am calling my son who I brought with me from Fiji. I'll give you 10 million dollars -- okay?'

Is the NZ government willing to trade-away the health of it's people?

Purchasing counterfit vaccines and selling ones that aren't and so on and so forth...

John Key (former leader) spoke up recently saying that the problem will be solved (our lockdown) if we were to offer people (particularly Maaori people) $25 and put vaccination buses outside nightclubs. That was the world that he wanted to have made. The world whereby Maaori would be induced to 'willingly' do anything anything anything at all... For $25 and alcohol / various other drugs made available to them in nightclubs. For the most compliant population in the world.

I see that it is a thing in the US, now. With them looking into deaths at the hands of the state. Police. Troopers. Whatever. And how they were interpreting 'sickle cell trait' as cause of death. Someone was. Apparently. Police were using it as a reason / excuse not to investigate the death further.

I think the world will get a shock once they realise the way the NZ government has taken that kind of a thing and well and truly run with it. This idea that our people are particularly violent domestic abusers, I mean to say. See... What happens... Is that if you ask for help then the people (the only people) they will employ on the front lines for that are employed to arrange for you to be further abused.

The main idea is to get up in people's faces to try and prompt / provoke them into lashing out in self-defence. As soon as they have attempted to defend themself by putting up a arm to block or similar then they are jumped on. THen you can stab them in the eye witha rusty needle full of Olanzapine -- right? Emergency dispensation? Don't even need a psychiatrist -- anyone, anyone, anyone at all with access to a syringe full of Olanzapine is authorised. Do they have to be on pay-roll? Unclear... Does it have to be Olanzapine? Why not anasthetic? Why not render them unconscious? Why not just murder them outright?

I mean when you are getting away with it...

Let's be clear on why it is that they won't train people to do Medicine and why it is that they won't let people (especially people 'like me') inside of the hospitals.

Let's be clear on why we have all these trained people (foreign trained people) in NZ who NZ refuses to hire and allow inside the hospitals.

Let's be clear on why you might want to murder someones kids and hold their wife hostage...

For as long as... You are getting away with it. Right?

The 'special administration of NZ' really isn't working out so very well. For anyone at all, so far as I can see.

It really is about the pay-roll.

The decision they have made to have the most compliant population in the world. The decision they have made to grow masses of slaves... That's what they wanted. That was their vision. Their goal. Everything needed more and more and more people. MOre and more people gets Auckland a better subway. MOre and more people gets a larger skyline. More and more and more and more and more and more...

So... Not really anything much in the way of international trade.

Nobody asked NZ to produce enough food for 40 million people.

We don't really want food shipping all around the world... Maybe for high value luxury items -- but we don't have any of that. We refused to regulate (legislate and police that) and nobody wants round-up honey and mastitis-protein-rich-bacteria milk and melamine milk. It's poisoned garbage.




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