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Re: excluded from international trade

Posted by alexandra_k on September 25, 2021, at 17:49:38

In reply to excluded from international trade, posted by alexandra_k on September 25, 2021, at 17:34:20

it was just part of the 'how low can we go' strategy, generally.

to cry cry cry for handouts from australia and england and the usa and then sell the stuff on the black market. trade it with developing nations. hold it over developing nations heads.

look at how nz treats it's dependencies. in the pacific islands. how it treats them like garbage.

Australia ignores things a bit more. because it has more of an understanding of responsibility. we aren't there yet. it's all about opportunities to exploit. leadership is about what it can do for me (everything. all the things. for the brief fleeting moment that it lasts i can do anything anything anything i want i am invulnerable). it is most certainly not about what it can do for others or about leaving the world better. that latter is the chumps position -- right? it's the one that somehow the licenses nz to matyr you while going 'see what you are doing to yourself see see see?' because that's how emotionally (and cognitively) mature the nation is. the development of the leaders and so on. who got the help they needed -- right? well, if they couldn't... nobody can. that's for sure. nobody. nobody. nobody at all.

so more recently we are doing deals with denmark (that one is apparently even less corrupt than nz by which they mean will not prosecute corruption or identify corruption as such. you know, has no statutes that will allow prosecution of that. has no prosecutors).

i mean... we don't have a government funded fire service in nz. it's a private charity that cries cries cries for donations. st johns (the ambulance service for everwhere outside wellington) is a multi billion dollar charity (i think billion). they contract out a lot of the emergency care stuff to st johns. because the universities can't do it. can't teach the students to wash their hands etc. that has to be a st johns course. CPR. ambulatory care. all of it, really.

denmark. and spain.

chris whelan was previously going to.... vietnam. and brazil. to find teenage student-slaves for our universities.

i suppose the attraction..

may be similar to nabbing an orthopedic surgeon (holding his family hostage / to ransom / keeping them forever) from south africa.

i mean... what are his people going to do about that?


i do not blame jacinda ardern for the whole 'team of 5 million' that got people all warrior focused on stoning anyone who wasn't huddling in with the herd to death. she was just tapping into the local or national psyche. but, i suppose, it is one that the government has worked very very hard on. the vision wehreby the people will do anything anything anything at all for $25 and a night in a nightclub.

the administration does not change. and the john key or jacinda arden... they both go mad with power near the end of their second term. fueled b y the administration, i suppose. always there is no alternative. the administration never changes. it does not change. it just puts it's own stupid kids on pay-roll and the generations of in-breeding are starting to show.




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