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Re: faith rayww

Posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2004, at 1:47:46

In reply to Re: faith alexandra_k, posted by rayww on October 16, 2004, at 16:42:44

> I think many do choose bad willingly.

But people avoid harm / pain if given the opportunity as it is part of what it means for something to be harmful or painful. Sometimes people choose a short term high over a long term reward though. I just think that people who desire 'harm' do not see it as harmful otherwise they would avoid it. Otherwise we end up with a paradox (see the Meno).

My 4-yr-old GS openly admits he wants to be the bad guy that makes everyone cry.

Why, does he get all the chicks? The admiration of his peers? Does your 4 year old perhaps not realise as yet that when others cry they feel as bad as he does when he cries.

>I know there are tons who believe there is one true church, yet want no part of it.

I knew a guy who believed the (king James version) to be the word of god. He was a satanist - he fully believed that he would be banished to hell to burn with satan, but he also believed that satan was the only one with enough balls to say to god 'I am sick and tired of worshiping you all day, I want to do my own thing for a change'. He didn't believe he was worshiping something that stood for evil, he saw it as standing for independence and individuality. Perhaps it is true that he did not desire evil under that description.

>Our discussion makes me wonder if Mormons (aside from our belief in God) have more in common with athiests than with other Christians. Is there a religious organization called Athiest? (poor question)

Not that I know of. Actually, I hate to complicate things as I know that I said I was an athiest before, but that is actually more than I am entitled to. Since I believe that religious discourse does not make a truth evaluable claim about the world, I cannot conclude that it is false. But I suppose that if one absolutely insists that religious discourse is making a truth claim about the world then I have to say that it is necessarily false becasue the concept is contradictory and thus cannot be instantiated.

All that is just a way of saying that I am trying to back off on the atheism. I think that in general most athiests are a little more hostile to discussing god. Not all, but in general.

> I know from your dialogue here that you have very strong beliefs. Whether you have discovered them for yourself, or have been taught by good parents, it doesn't matter. You seem to be comfortable and confident in your chosen path. All the best to you.

I am not sure how strong they are. I am taught to pick the most plausible sounding position you can find and then argue for and defend it as best you can. Others will be sceptical and will try to convince you otherwise. At the end of the day maybe you'll be convinced or maybe you won't - but at least you have made a considered choice.

You seem equally comfortable in your chosen path,

good luck]
and hope

to you as well rayww. Take care :-)




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