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Re: faith alexandra_k

Posted by rayww on October 11, 2004, at 0:34:43

In reply to Re: faith rayww, posted by alexandra_k on October 10, 2004, at 20:30:55

"So we are back to faith"

Exactly, and that's where the argument stops, because how can one argue faith?

It takes faith to pay tithing. It takes faith to live a chaste life. It takes faith to obey the health code. It takes faith to live the ten commandments. It takes faith to believe in the Bible and other scripture. It takes faith to believe in God, and Jesus Christ. Why are we here to live by faith? The answer is found within the question itself.

If God wanted us to have absolute proof He would give it to us, but that is obviously not in the cards. The proof comes after the trial of our faith. Faith is as real as life itself. Substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.

My mother lives a life of faith. Being with her is almost magical. Life flows before her like grace, unfolding step by step over her most arduous journey. The Lord tries those whom he loves. If you're not being tried now, just wait a bit. As soon as you begin to believe, God will begin to mould you into the spiritual being you were created to become. That may sound unappealing, but it is actually a life full to overflowing with blessings and grace.
My 'theory' of evolution is that the theory itself evolved backward from the creation story, just like the cave man evolved backwards from Adam. dna has pretty much ruled out that we started out as apes. We may end up apes, but it was not our beginning.

Actually, I agree with 90% of the evolution principles, most of which fit in with the creation theory. If you think of a day being 1000 years of our time, it makes more sense, and if you picture our earth beginning in another orbit, even more.

I prefer to believe that the first man (Adam), also known as Michael, helped create the earth. Eve, the last creation, was God's crowning glory. Adam was highly intelligent, having walked and talked with God in the Garden of Eden. Once expelled, and children began to be born, things (people, understanding, living conditions) degenerated. No one knows how many hundreds, thousands or even millions of years Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. If so, I would be interested in knowing.

Have you ever travelled to Israel? Hard evidence there. Undeniable even. Those things did and do exist. The Dead Sea Scrolls exist, and were written by someone, and some of what was written is the same as our Bible today. God has, since the beginning of time, commanded prophets to record His words and teachings, so we would not be left without proper guidance.

God would not create the world and everything in it, and then vanish without a trace. His words are well preserved by His own hand, through His prophets, His spokespersons.

Mysteries of forever:
What if everything has always existed, including you and me? Things are organized and created from something. Something cannot be created from nothing. Energy and element has always been out there waiting to be formed into something. We're all in the program called 'eternal progression'. When our earth rolls up and completes its purpose, glorifying God, it will be presented to the Father, and his glory will increase, and Christ will move to God's spot as Lord of all, and His glory will increase. He follows the footsteps of his father, , etc. The Bible even says it.

Creation is like a circle. If you break the circle there is a beginning and an end, but as long as the circle is intact, there is no beginning or end. There is no such thing as death of your spirit. You lay your physical body to rest, and then go on to your own eternity. If you have no end, then you also had no beginning. It makes perfect sense to me.

Each one of us is unique. All we are expected to do is fulfill our own sphere of existance, whatever that might be. God makes no mistakes, even as hard as some of life is. We become co-creators with God, and then go on to build up our own kingdom, continuing what we continued here in our individual uniquenss.

Life is one eternal round that goes on forever. If there is no end, there was no beginning. We are connected to our fathers, and our children will be connected to us. Genealogy is an interesting pastime while struggling to figure this out. Through genealogy we sometimes hear faint whispers from the past, proving that life goes on.

My logic is not meant to offend. Thankyou for encouraging such a deep discussion on faith. It is good to stretch one's thought once in awhile.




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