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Re: because maybe if you pay them...

Posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 21:30:35

In reply to because maybe if you pay them..., posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 21:17:59

i mean they just kept on enrolling me... they just kept on taking my money. they just kept on enroling me and just kept on taking my money...

that's the value of a nz university education.

what do i get for all the courses i enrolled in and worked at? that wonderful valuable skills did they teach me for my $100,000 +++ student loan?

they decide that it is entirely and perfectly appropriate for them to treat me like an intellectualy handicapped retarded person with no skills of any value whatsoever and no ability whatsoever.

they decide that that is what my investment of more than $100,000 new zealand dollars means to them. The universities of new zealand. all th etime and energy and effort I spent listening to htem. Going to their classes. listening to what they had to say. spouting it back to them in essays.

all the things they taught me. that's the vlaue of the things they taught me. i paid them more than $100,000 (and the govenrment more than 3x as much as that) and i workedk for them...

and in exchange...

they can't allow external examiners to sign off on a 120 point Masters degree.

they can't allow me to study medicine (where that's the highest of the most elite of the hardest to get into courses. that's a course that only enrolls the youngest of the inbred nazi youth with no educational background at all who understand it is yessir yessir yessire in exchange for late stage abortions and murder and rape and torture and anything anything anything their little psychopathic hearts desire just so long as it's depraved and psychopathic anad they agree to inforce the nz government strategy for racism and post-code inevitability and no treatment for the mojaority of nzers and the common cold will overwhlm our h ealth system because of the really really high quality treatment and information had by our specially chosen elite health workforce where student doctors die of bacterial infections in our hospitals and everybody aspires to be the new Dr Green or Dr Leeks bcause they really really wanted to b edoctors because they were raised watching Shortland Street)

it's so, like motivating and inspiring.

that's why all the chidren of the leaders just want to get the f*ck out of here, too.

I mean...

How low do things need to go for people to think that it would be a good idea for htem to give millions upon millions of dollars to US ivy league schools so they can set them up to be raped and failed for their efforts?

I mean that's the point of it -- right?

That's why so many millions goes into tv. To try and motivate and inspire a generation to give all of their money to Ivy League schools in exchange for...

That's what's driving the local universities of NZ -- right? They want to be just as depraved and psychopathic as the people from Harvard -- right? Arranging to give everything on a silver platter to those who give them nothing -- right?

Yeah.. Give them your money. Just give them your money and walk away...

Yeah. Sounds legit.

Yeah right.




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