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philosophy: for the money

Posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 16:52:24

when i read about Socrates I thought to myself 'when I grow up I want to be a Sophist! I want to be paid a bunch of money for spouting at people what knowledge is and what it is that I know and people will pay me a bunch of money and I'll be employed by a major university!'

That was the birth of Philosophy. The sophists taking people's money in exhange for wasting their time with garbage. That's how come in the great hierarchy of subjects (with con-munications right up the top there) that philosophy gets to be the bottom of the pile or the heap for all the people who can't spout anything worth knowing.

The main draw is all the money money money and all the party party party. That's really why you would want to do academic philosophy. It's totally about the people. It's about the morning tea and the afternoon tea and the dinners and the drinks.


It's about the journals and the conferences. Wait... No... We don't really have any of that anymore.

It's about the academic work.

That's not really being produced anymore.

The books? The articles? The quality of the level of engagement in the seminars and the question times?

Not really something that happens.

Don't worry... They've all picked out the next generation of Hitler Youth to tell everyone the way it goes with the blackbirding and how it is that it is totally justified to exterminate and maim and torture and disable and rape and murder becuase... You are getting away with it. Which is in itself all intrinsically like a greater good.

You see?

For as long as you are getting away with it.


So, this major law firm in NZ hires 1 pacific islander for the firm. They hire him because he is a party party party boy, by all accounts, who makes the white elite feel more... Upstanding about their own behavior. At least they aren't as uncouth as him -- right? And when they go for the low-hanging fruit it is he who will be prosecuted or held to account and not them. YOu don't need to be the fastest.. YOu just need someone on staff ot be slower than you. THat sort of a racist idea or ideal or ideology where the main goal or aim or reason or rationale behind having 1 pacific islander on staff is to take advantage of the racist stereotype of an uncouth and uncultured animal-like person. For the goal or aim or purpose of setting him up to take the fall...

So then of course they go after him. NOt the highest level white person offender on staff. But him. The low-hanging fruit. And as a slap on the wrist for his having sexually harrassed summer interns year after year... He has his lisence to practice suspended for 2 years. You know, to act as an example to us all about how you will get paid more than most people get paid their entire lives every 2 years that you agree to harrass and so on...

I think mostly the function or role of him was to get all the people who would have been good at environmental law etc.. . To get them to flee NZ. To decide that it wasn't worth working towards a law degree in a nation where the judges appear to be selected because of their role in refusing ot uphold the law. I Mean... I have a judge say that 'preceeding' means 'after' in his judgment. Becuase my application was late because it was received preceeding the deadline.

I mean: garbage output. They hauled him out of retirement so that...


I think they may find someone with intellectual disability or intellectual handicap and then choose them to do Medicine or Law in the name of equity. That would be a thing to do. Then say that anybody who needs or wants help is required to go through this person who has been carefully seleted for lacking the capaciaaty.



Yeah.. Our leaders are doing a really very fabulous job (could not be doing better) of ruining everything for us all.

I mean.. Not even they want to live like that. Not for more than 5 minutes usually. You know how it goes. You get the common-cold and all of a sudden your perspective changes on what it is that is important.

I suppose they have stopped with the facade that was the step examinations etc because they weren't selcting peple on the basis of merit or what they knew. it was just a facade to bully / persuade people into thinking that the reason why certain people were picked was becuase they were smarter than everyone else.

That they were able to recall vast volumes of content.

When it was that they were given the questions and / or answers for that particular exam, in particular. And groomed in producing those answers over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

So that they would keep their mouths shut, primarily, while the governments etc poisoned the people etc to try and produce as many gamma babies to slave the plantations (or equivalent) as possible. At the ver least pop out things that people liked to f*ck for a time before arranging for their untimely death.

Really winning at life. Right? The great hierarchy of being.

Ruining things for us all.




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