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Re: the ultimate vanity project...

Posted by alexandra_k on January 20, 2022, at 19:35:49

In reply to Re: the ultimate vanity project..., posted by alexandra_k on January 20, 2022, at 19:32:43

here come the people without the capcity to do any work. better employ them as managers to make sure that nobody else does any work either. better give them all the titles and all of the money and all of the jobs lording their position over everybody else to make sure that anyone with the capacity is bullied away.

just put down your stuff and walk away. just f*ck off. just go away and die already. the inbred children of the wealthy elite with no f*ck*ng capaciaty to do anything at all had to grubbity grub grub grub up all of the jobs and all of the enrolments and all of the 'training positions' so that they couldn't even tell if the people in the OR were builders or importers or surgeons...

there isn't a difference. didn't you know?

the importers of heaters are electricians, now, who get to decide that however someone wants to install them is just totally perfectly fine!! of course!!! anad when the trade centre burns (again, yawn) well that's just normal. that's just the way it goes in new zealand.

who is the insurer who is going to pay for the burning trade centre? again?

not an international company. surely?




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