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the ultimate vanity project...

Posted by alexandra_k on January 20, 2022, at 19:28:28

to cure the common cold.

aka: omicron.

i mean... look at the information about who gets sick and about how sick they get etc.

what justification is there for kids being vaccinated? it isn't to protect them -- it is to protect the adults. allegedly. that is to say people are being very up-front about holding their kids out in front of themselves requiring their kids to 'take one for the team' or bear the risk or cost for the benefit or advantage of those people whose job it was (or role it was) to protect them.

new zealand was so very very quick to sign up for child vaccines -- because of our very very high rates of child abuse. that's the true and correct way in which to view that.

new zealand required the children of a secondary school in south auckland (a relatively poor public school) to all be nasal swab tested -- when other nations were not testing children because nasal swabs were highly invasive and because children weren't getting sick of covid so it wasn't really fair to expect the children to take one for the team...

except, of course, in new zealand.

we still don't have saliva testing.

i read in the NY times that the USA sent a bunch of made in australia tests back to australia because they were getting 1 in 4 a false positive. know what the grounds for nz not having salliva testing was? the tests aren't sensitive enough.

it's ihc land (on behalf of our leaders) in these parts. to be sure.

we still don't have saliva testing.

let me guess.. the government decided to give x and y and z inbred children of the wealthy elite all the science money to make sure that nobody with the capacity to develop saliva testing would be allowed to do science... not on their watch!!


just stick a bomb into a volcano already. apparently there is a volcano in the north island such that if it blew it would take out most of the north island. as far up north as auckland. just f*ck*ng do it already. the world would be better off without the f*ck*ng idiot-land that is new zealand.

the blackbirding and the slavery and...




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