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Re: we got 250,000 extra doses from Spain

Posted by alexandra_k on September 9, 2021, at 17:49:43

In reply to we got 250,000 extra doses from Spain, posted by alexandra_k on September 9, 2021, at 17:40:49

Always throwing a little money at a few people to keep things held back...

Let's pay a team of 6 to develop our very own independent unique strategy. Let's do things our way. Let's have our team of 6 independently do all the things... Develop vaccines. Manufacture vaccines. Make saliva tests. Manufacture saliva tests. Let's make face masks here, ourselves...


Did we follow the manufacturers instructions?

Did we do the fit-testing on the masks that we were supposed to do?
Did we run the saliva tests in accordance with the instructions?
Did we administer the vaccines in accordance with the instructions?

Did we?

Or did we just 'get in there' and 'have a go' and just do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted without any regard at all for what the manufacturers had to say about the use of their product?

Perhaps the 'economists' or 'managers' or 'administrators' knew better than the manufacturers what was most financially in the best interests of the managers and administrators of New Zealand. That must be it.

And so.... What happened?


The manufacturers were waiting...

For us to say 'we can't get a fit test out of that batch'
'We can't get a true positive or we are getting false negatives out of that batch'
'We are concerned that the bottles say administer 5 doses but there is a lot left over looks like we could get another dose or two -- what should we do?'

The manufacturers were waiting...

Seeing if they could do business with New Zealand.


Send all the 'factory seconds' to the nation who can't (won't) tell the difference. Cheapest contracts only -- right -- for the inferior not fit for purpose products. That's how the government contracts for the health of it's people.

All the face masks tkhat the other nations sent back to the manufacturers because they couldn't get fit tests with those batches...

Send them to NZL so the government can pretend to the people that it contracted for them to have health care.




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