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we got 250,000 extra doses from Spain

Posted by alexandra_k on September 9, 2021, at 17:40:49

but when we contracted initially for however many doses (before we contracted with Spain for 250,000 extra) we purchased enough doses for 2 per eligible person.

and the eligible people were... 21? 20? 18? 16? I do believe we purchased enough for 2 per person who had attained the age of 16 years.

i don't know how we guestimated how many unlawful immigrants there were. overstayers.

by most accounts we tell fibsies about our population by over-estimating. we count the people on their (lawful) way in -- but we don't count the people on their (lawful) way out. we don't want to acknowledge that many who come HERE for a better life flee after not so very much time in NZ realising that there isn't really anything here so they need to move along...

but anyway... Fraser High School... Biggest High School in NZ, to be fair. 20,000 kids. Aged 13 to 18 to be fair. But we are talking about 1/2 the school, or likely more like 3/4 of the school who are are now eligible to be vaccinated when the age of eligibility drops from 16 to 12.

And that's one High School. How many other High Schools are there in that area?

Across the country...

We purchased 250,000 extra doses but that isn't enough to vaccinate all the kids in NZL aged between 12 and 16 years.


What's going on?

1) Option 1. Little kiddies only need a 1/2 dose. Let's see... Each vial contains 5 doses with instructions on the bottle saying to discard remainder and not to pool remainder. We were getting 6 doses per vial... 7 doses per vial... 10 half doses per vial???

2) Option 2. Some people only need saline. Infinity of doses per vial!

3) Option 3. We are lying about how many people have been administered doses. We are lying with the above, too, by, effectively, committing a fraud on the people. Having them believe they are recieving a full done and only giving them half. Misappropriating medical supplies? Stealing from the manufacturers (we paid for a certain number of doses NOT a certain number of vials).


Brilliant that. Pay for the number of vials. Supply a bit more than was contracted for. See the integrity of the people you are doing business with.

Just enough rope to hang themselves with?

When they could have tied a bow...

They could have phoned the manufacturers -- it could have freed up shipments for developing nations... Honesty and integrity.





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