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Acute and chronic aggression with lamotragine

Posted by Jay2112 on December 1, 2021, at 15:28:32

Okay, a subjective, non-scientific observation, and the n is quite small. But, as someone who is bipolar, these 10-20 year observations should not be taken lightly. I had posted about my consistent, acute anger problems many times in the past, on here.

I have found the first week or so of starting lamictal, I am ok...and then, all of a sudden, sometimes weeks, just HORRIFIC anger starts flowing. (Like, I am out for BLOOD!!) AS WELL, MAJOR cognitive blunting! It, to me, is worse than the antidepressants and their affect on rapid cycling and bipolar. I first tried this stuff back in 2009, and no matter how long on it, the same effects..eventually. I know..YMMV, etc, but I actually found cocaine, alcohol and opioids to be much safer, and more effective than many of the AED's, on mood stabilization.

It actually reminds me of levetiracetam (Keppra), and topiramate (Topamax). I am not trying to demonize the medication, but I feel like I am turning into an Alzheimer's patient on this stuff. I actually end up wandering the streets, not knowing where I am or why. And my god, for a guy with a university education, when you can barely remember your name...just not good. I have friends in law and medicine who have forgotten years of their training on these/this med(s).

How do the drug trials play down, with slick statistical manipulation, the negative effects?

I guess, as usual, buyer beware. I am no Scientologist, obviously, but to label all AED's as 'mood stabilizing' is dangerous. For me, it first started with divalproex. (Epival/Depakote) Start with very tiny doses, and I'd highly recommend a daily mood chart. Here is an example of one I use. I would HIGHLY suggest it for anyone on psych meds.

Not much 'new' to seasoned vets....but, I almost lost my life, and almost really (physically) hurt some people I love as a result of partaking. And, normally, I am a pretty meek, peace-loving person.
Anger with murderous impulse induced by lamotrigine/AED's

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