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Re: academic freedom

Posted by alexandra_k on January 13, 2022, at 20:26:48

In reply to Re: academic freedom, posted by alexandra_k on January 13, 2022, at 20:14:48

i don't want to hate on her, too much...

she is an associate professor. she is not a full professor. she got 'new zealander of the year' because i don't suppose that comes with the pay-cheque of full professor.

i feel they used her.

to start with... the early days of her media forey... it seemed to me she was clearly being given or handed content from the USA (most likely). i thought... it was perhaps justified in Covid times.. very very early stages or days of the pandemic.

the New Zealand party line (from our politicians) was that there was no point wearing face masks because most people wouldn't wear them correctly and they were to be reserved for medical anaesthetists (who had mostly fled) and were not to be worn by other medial personel (it would scare the public) and the public were not to wear face masks of any variety.

i emailed her...

and, anyway, some medical illustrator drew something that made it fairly clear about how there were different levels or layers of protection, reducing risk, keeping the number of airborne transmitted particles down...

and i thought that it was a case where (likely US) content (via the medical illustrator) was making it into NZ in a way that was good or helpful for the NZ people and genuinely science-led (that is to say quality informational contents) -- even if the method of delivery was... Perhaps it was a bit justified given the times...

But somehow this led to her becoming the go-to person from the media to be microbiology representative or spokesperson.

I actually emailed her and asked her specially about the practices in her laboratory at university when she and her studnets are dealing with infectious micro-organisms... that's how i know the content likely wasn't from her / wasn't coming from her lab or her lab practices...

But she's just doing what she believes she needs to do to... Be still employed by the University. I suppose. She's not a full professor. She's having trouble getting quality publications by her own admission.

The University (and definately the government) really latched onto this idea/l of academics as community leaders. Where people would follow what they said unthinkingly.

They tried to use that to get people to comply with government directive around lock-downs.

They tried to exploit that to get people to comply with government directive around lock-downs even when other nations (e.g., the US) were saying that lock-downs etc were not justified in the free world that is rule by law...

Where is my credit for my 1 year of research that I completed in 2018?

Where is my place in Medical School? Apply the same algorithm for selection that you published for the purposes of accountability to my application.

Else burn in hell for all eternity. There are no academics here. No freedom here. No rule by law. No academic dialoguoe or debate. Nothing here. Nada. Zip zilch zero.

Mob rule.

That's what Chris Hipkins Mommy (winner of lucrative Ministry of Education Govvernment Contracts) made sure he was taught in his schooling.

Nobody here. Nothign home.

I wouldn't need to post half of what I do if we had universities and academicm dialogue and debate etc. If people would work to put things right internally in a timely fashion. But they choose to invest in delay deny magnify...

Nobody here. Nothing home.




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