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Re: given diminishing returns

Posted by alexandra_k on October 10, 2021, at 7:10:27

In reply to given diminishing returns, posted by alexandra_k on October 10, 2021, at 6:58:53

so here is what we do...

we move to wellington. cool little capitol of the world... and we rent a flat... because, well, i imagine because ones parents were willing to allow it or sign up to it. one is the primary lease-holder on the flat...

and that means.... well... either you get flatmates to share the rent payments... or mommy and daddy makes the rent payments.

so... you get to decide who moves in and how much rent they pay...

and you can even decide to distribute the rent such that... while renting... the whole house overall... you pay no rent. for the best room.

maybe even more... maybe you get the best (largest) room and also... maybe a living space. maybe a bathroom... and then the rest of them can kludge together. the people who pay the rent.

maybe you can have a whole separate floor of the house. you can have a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, maybe a kitchen... then you can go downstairs whenever you want (you are the landlord flatmate) and hang out in the kitchen or whatever. too...

all of the things for you. all of teh things for you.

and you feel justified... because it's your collateral. you paid the bond on the entire house. if they just flee and don't pay rent then you are liable...

or... mommy and daddy will bail you out.


and so... some people quite liked being landlords. on these large houses in wellington. taking control of the flatmates. picking and choosing. deciding who to evict when and where. allocating the rooms... taking and sharing as oneself sees fit...

and then...

apparently... landlords... house owners... didn't really want the costs involved in up-keeping the properties. to WHO standards and the like. so there was actually a time when (a generation when) they would offer the person who paid the most rent over the years (the primary renter)... ownership.

and they would buy.

for cheap. because, you know. some nod to squatters rights. and some appreciation of the fact htat some people have enough to upgrade things so there is air conditioning and heating and...

some other people are prepared... sort of... new money... to pretend that there is no problem with temperature etc. while sort of also simultaneiously grabbing all the best bits for themselves. the jobs in climate controlled environments with showers at work. the best gym memberships with saunas. the best rooms in the house.. and so on...

and so...

these people... who profited off of the kindness of stangers. in some sense. being offered cheap rates on property investment. people thinking it was their home. not wanting to displace people from their home.

people turned to running boarding houses.

and keeping slaves.

and then paying however much to get their kids into all the very best-est of the private schools.


how... bourgeois.

or whatever.

totally. absolutely. nailed it. sell out much?

sell out entirely?

well then kill me in my sleep i feel that way...

what am i supposed to say to you?




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