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Re: Save Australia!

Posted by alexandra_k on October 5, 2021, at 22:33:31

In reply to Save Australia!, posted by alexandra_k on October 5, 2021, at 22:27:20

They don't seem to get it...

Vaccination status...

Immunity status.


How much antibody you have... How much antibody you can make in a short space (how many B cell clones).

This is private medical information about me.

Vaccine status... Is just a proxy for the above medical information. Right?

How it is the governments business???

I don't get it.

Why can't people be allowed to make informed decisions about their own life.


If I want to use a N 95 mask and maintain social distancing etc etc. Then why can't I do that then?

Particularly when therei sn't just Covid... There's all kinds of other viruses etc etc etc that we don't have vaccinations for.

Why is it that when the government doesnt' know.... They dno't back off.

I mean to say...

NZ government just continually over-steers.

Just continually tries to force everyone to do the very same thing. Then wehn people start to do it on mass they have to over-steer with a new directive.

Just continulaly... Every day at 1pm what is the direction we are going to over-steer in this time...

Why can't we just let people be.
Let people make up their own mind.
Let them disperse.
let them be different.
Let them choose diversity of strategies.
Let's see different things.


Jacinda arden says how high we should jump.

on the path to extinction of us all

nobody wants to live like that




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