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they want to say they f'd up the standard...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 17:47:15

In reply to there is no help, posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 17:35:58

they want to say they f'd up the standard of evidence.

that's what they want to say, now.

they want to say the reason why they refused to allow their graduate research students to be signed off was because they thought the standard of evidence (for graduate student theses) was such that the student was required to prove something (their thesis) beyond all reasonable doubt.

that's why the only graduate student theses you see pass, in nz, are state the f*ck*ng obvious. apparently. because you can only pass if you take something so obvious no reasonable person would doubt it. then you spend the next 10+ years of your life defending it in the face of all of the stupid (and clever but not any good) arguments that people think up in their fundamental goal or aim to prevent and obstruct and prohibit and deny and confuse...

well done new zealand!

the race to the bottom!

taking something so obvious no reasonable person would doubt it... and spending the rest of your life trying to undermine and stabotage even that.

that's how terrible they force things to be, here.


but apparently the problem is that they were just a bit confused about the standard of evidence.

(yeah right).

apparently they didn't realise that the student only needed to show or demonstrate their thesis 'on balance of probability'.

riiiiight. suuuuuuuure.


'the thesis will be returned to the candidate AND the student will re-enrol for at least 6 months to make substantive changes and undergo another round of examination'.


'the student will make substantive changes to the satisfaction of the supervisor or an examiner in up to 10 weeks after the outcome of examination has been delivered.'

the examiners did not return the thesis to the candidate. the dean refused to get the thesis to the examiners (supplied in under 10 weeks) so as to prohibit and prevent them signing the student off.

the dean was in violation of the education act 'universities are required to allow studnets to work to internationally accepted standards of scholarship' BEYOND ALL REASONABLE DOUBT.

therefore alex must spend the rest of her life proving it to people who...

are on payroll.

are on payroll.

are on payroll.

who will not accept the evidence.

because they are on payroll.

they are on payroll.

they are on payroll.

and shaun hendy makes pretty pretty diagrams for jacinda ardern to hold up...

and nz universities are fundamentally corrupt




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