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talaban says 'thanks' new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 0:23:12

In reply to Re: andrew borrowford, posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 0:15:00

thanks for sending humanitarian aid to the red cross...

apparently the people who have been put on a plane to come back to new zealand from afghanastan are people who have had their visas approved under special emergency exemption.

not everyone who wanted one got one.

and i'm sure anybody eligible missed out and anybody willing to break the laws... got to be first on the plane to new zealand.

that seems to be the thing of it.

insofar as we are allowed to process visas at all... we are required to misprocess visas only. that appears to be the only thing we will do. always.


we are going to end up with quite the group.

relocating from afghanastan. maybe they were attracted to new zealand because judith collins spoke out publically that the telaban was a death cult.

maybe these recent arrivals (on their way here) will all be united in their view of the telaban as a death cult.

i suppose it all fits in really rather well of new zealand being the destination place in new zealand for people who will never leave.


put all the security risks to civilisation in new zealand.

insofar as they are a problem at all... maybe they'll do something useful like... blow up the new zealand government.

i mean... it isn't like they are doing their job (holding parliament).


i mean... that's why we elected them -- right?

to ensure their job is not done. is not done by them. is not done by anyone.


that's the grand plan??




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