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Re: prayer center

Posted by alexandra_k on July 31, 2021, at 21:39:36

In reply to Re: prayer center, posted by alexandra_k on July 31, 2021, at 21:30:16

i didn't realise that most people don't tag their beliefs.

that is to say, when i form a belief i have a little tag about the degree of certainty of whatever associated with the belief. so i have some things that i'm very sure of, and some other things that i'm not very sure of. that is to say i have some things that i would be very very reluctant to revise and i have some other things that would readily be revised in the face of new evidence. but often other people are very quick to come to judgements they feel very very sure of. very certain about. they are recaltruent to evidence against or even revising their opinion... i find people like that very very hard. you want to ask them a question but prevent or prohibit them coming to a premature judgement because once they've blurted out an opinion on it they'll defend it to death and it's so very very very very painful having to interact with them at all on it after they've come to their snap judgement...


part of that...

it's sort of a development of pascal's wager. reason to believe in god.

but it wasnt' about that. pascal's wager. it was about the probability of god existing.

so... god either exists or he doesn't. so... say, the odds are 50:50. so then, is it more rational to believe that god exists or not? so then say you believe and he exists that's infinite reward (say). Say you believe and he doesn't exist. infinite damnation. say he doesn't exist and you believe. maybe your life is a little worse off than if he doesn't exist and you don't believe. but concrete reward. so, the idea is that 50:50 chances of existence it is rational to believe becuase the pay-off structure incentivises the will to believe because of the reward...

But i'm thinking more of... free choice. not being incentivised by reward. bribed. say. but free choice. why not choose to belive in a god who loves you? it sounds rhetorical. right? Why not choose to believe? i can't thinik of any reason why not. people might refuse to believe.. but that seems f*ck*d up. right? why not choose to believe in a god who loves you? who sees you for what you are? who chooses to forgive you for your bads. who chooses to love you for your goodds. why not choose to believe in a god like that?

then why not have faith in a god like that. why not have faith that there is a god like that. who chooses to love us. why not? why not live your life like that. choosing to believe in a god who loves you.





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