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Re: it's a good time for a hospital merger

Posted by alexandra_k on January 24, 2021, at 13:49:07

In reply to Re: it's a good time for a hospital merger, posted by alexandra_k on January 24, 2021, at 13:34:10

i wonder if we have even 7 per cent employment rate.

of every 100 people in new zealand... i wonder if even as few as 7:100 are in paid, full time, employment.

and then we can start talking about how much money they make every week in their paid employment.

and how many dependents they have.

so we have people working long hours for minimum wage to feed themselves... and a housefull of children and illegal immigrants.

and i suppose the government knows that situation for what it is...

and chooses...

to only allow one of the household to be employed.

and how much pay they shall receive.

to be lord and master of their household.

that's why my friend says 'i don't ever have to worry about work... i just flow from contract to contract and only need to have about 6 months savings to tide me over before the next 'opportunity' eventuates... things just seem to open up for me... even if it's a sort of temporary transitional thing to tide me over for a time until a more suitable lengthy project...'

because she's one of them. the esteemed elite. and she's got slaves to support... she needs money to keep her slaves...

and that's why none of the jobs are for me.

they only ever tell me to go back to school.


the screams of dementors

she thinks she's so cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaver!!!

she thinks she's so much cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaverer than us!!!!


she actually thinks she's learning useful valuable things


we don't pay her!
we don't pay her!
we don't pay her!
we don't pay her!
we don't pay her!
we don't pay her!

look how clever she is!!!!



China no longer recognises our degrees.


and there goes our major export.

because we didn't give them the degrees they paid for.
for the work that they did.

we didn't honor our contract.

so that's it.

no more studnets for us, then.


and what would it have cost us?

to keep things flowing through...

signing off the old...

starting up the new...


clinging with grubby little fists.


nobody wants to play with you, new zealand.

good people can't do business.

it's f*ck*ng tiresome

'do your job do your job do your job do your job do your job the job for which you are paid do your job do your job do your f*ck*ng job okay?'

whacky whacky with big sticky only language you understand-y

no people doing business with you



f*ck*ng psychopaths.

greedy grubby grub.

the university got taken over by people not willing / able to produce anything.

anti-intellectuals who decided to grubitty grub grub grub all the money and undermine the very reason / rationale / purpose.


they'll have to send the medical people around with military because the people won't voluntariliy go to the hospitals.

won't ask for help.

oh glory days look at the money we save on health spending.

f*ck*ng idiots.

the opportunity cost of public private partnership.

they only understand 'we win because we don't have expenditure' and 'we exploit public for private advantage'.

no fairness.

it's toooooooooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard.

squwak squawk squawk squeeeeeeeee nobody listens to me!!! nobody listens to me blkdjoesihehgdkghdlkj hdljfkj listen to me! listen to me!

noising up the channels so nothing gets done.


the ventillators are here.

the personel are buying their way into the country...

getting ready??

are we ready yet??





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