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Re: unclean foods

Posted by alexandra_k on December 27, 2020, at 14:09:19

In reply to Re: unclean foods, posted by rjlockhart37 on August 24, 2020, at 22:35:55

When white people arrived in New Zealand Maaori called them `Pakeha' which apparently means something like 'smells like pig' because Maaori thought that white people smelled like pigs.

I don't think they meant that in the sense of 'you need a bath'. I think they meant more... There was something in the scent. If you think of how a freshly washed piglet would smell... Like how dogs smell a particular way when they are clean. Or if you think of the smell of raw relatively uncured bacon or pork.

That puts me off eating pig, rather. Dwelling on the approximation of human scent. Pigs will also eat anything. That doesn't mean they should eat anything... But they can. They will. People have been known to dispose of human bodies they didn't want found by feeding them to the pigs.

Also pigs are really rather intelligent.

So... There's something a bit... Canibillism... About it.

Also... There's not much of anything more mouth watering in this world than the smell of bacon crisping.

The lengths people will go to have more of that...

The deliciousness of properly cured bacon from happy health free-range pigs... THe labor of love that went into feeding them good quality food and so on...

From there to the awful cages we keep them in and teh slops... All for the smell of bacon.

The greed / gluttony is not really in the pig, but what people will do to pigs for the smell of bacon...

It brings out the worst in us.

I have been drinking too much. I'm not an alcoholic in whatever whatever sense... I just abuse alcohol, intentionally, periodically, when my life is not going well, as a way of numbing or blanking out pain / anger / negative emotions for a while... Giving myself permission to be in the moment... Let go of some hurts a little, for a while.

But the opportunity cost on the financial makes it a really really stupid thing for me to do. Be doing. The opportunity cost on the time, also, that is dead time, basically, killed time. Rather than my needing to forage a bit more broadly in my behavior and finding someting that is more of an... INvestment of time. With a pay-off that's better for me (and community) down the track...

I'm also a bit conscious of my health, now. This article that said that homeless people life expectancy is 45 due to suicide. No reference. Not sure where they get those stats... How the government has chosen to keep me fairly much homeless... No meaningful employment. No income where investment or growth is possible.

The screaming of dementors...

Pigs also can pass on parasites to people. When we keep them in over-crowded conditions and they are eating stuff that's contaminated with their feces the worm-load (like viral-load), if you like, can get high... I think the little worm eggs can (rarely) get absorbed in humans GI tracts and migrate through the lymph or blood or whatever to the brain where they hatch and... There's something about that. Cysts on the brain or whatever that are eggs from eating contaminated pork.




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