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question for ert

Posted by alexandra_k on December 1, 2020, at 17:32:06

if here is so bad...

what do you suggest i do, then?

i do have a sense that my posting here is ineffectual flailing...

i do also have a sense that my messages are being heard. are being appropriated by others. it is good to see progress being made on whatever whatever issues...

but i do fear that my position / situation is so bad precisely because people have become invested in stealing my stuff and profiteering from keeping me the way they do. constantly crying for money to get through from week to week to week to week with no intellectual peers etc etc...

but then, what do you suggest i do?

i tell people in the position to do things. i write to media. i write to politicians. i write to organisations. the universities. the charities.

i am ignored only.

i complian to police. they refuse to prosecute.

i complain to the Queen and she does not forward my complaint to the Attorney GEneral (I subsequently learn his job is to instruct Queens Council / Government Prosecution).

I take various people to court.

University of AUckland.
Univeristy of Waikato.
New Zealand Vice Chancellors Authority (their job is to investigate whistle-blower procedure copmlaints by former employees and provide the evidence to the police for government prosecution in the case of student complaints and they refuse).
Nobody does any of the things they are paid to do.

i am required to file and re-file and re-re-file and re-re-re-re-file.

The lawyers for the Universities miss their filing deadlines.

I ask teh courts to proceed to judgment in their absense since they miss their filing deadlines.

The courts refuse.

What am I supposed to do, Ert?

During the lockdown the Auckland HOspital involuntarily detained me for days without conducting a psychiatric assessment. They say 'oh, someone is coming to do one and we can just keep you until then'. Guards are posted outside a solitary confinement room they are keeping me in. They refuse to supply a phone for me to call a lawyer. They refuse to supply a phone for me to call the police and complain about my being involuntarily detained / being held against my will / being prevented or obstructed from going about my lawful business.

I can't believe these things happen to me in New Zealand.

Over and over and over and over and over.

What am I supposed to do Ert?




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