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Re: The US rips you off Alex, not New Zealand...

Posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2020, at 13:34:17

In reply to The US rips you off Alex, not New Zealand..., posted by ert on November 28, 2020, at 17:04:26

I have been doing some AP Computer Science. I don't really understand how the internet works. I actually thought everything was waves in the air and satellites. I didn't actually know about all the cables under the ocean or about how the point of fibre-optics was the speed of optics (light) rather than lower frequency waves. I suppose I did think that we must be polluting the planet for the birds, rather, with all the waves we were sending. Cables... Yeah... Okay... I didn't know that.

The New Zealand Government gives away the data of it's people whether I want it to, or not, that's the way that goes down. I don't know how much it is a selling to the highest bidder situation vs a requirement. I suspect they give it away as a requirement. I suspect it's got something to do with a requirement on 'trade'. On hand-outs, I mean to say. If we want vaccines then we hand over our data. That kind of a trade.

I am still learning about different copyright rules. Seems to me they are developing in the US. I have been following the DMCA stuff, a little bit, with streamers being SMCAd for streaming computer games with copyright music (e.g., Fallout Radio and that walking simulator one with the baby in a jar -- I can't remember the name of it). There's a system of 'share and share alike' etc etc. I am working through it...

I suppose it's about trade-off.

> New Zealand should better not buy any US fighter jets or use Juniper and Cisco 5G routers in their core 5G networks...

I don't know about these things. I just got a new phone with a couple years of software support and updates and the like and it started losing functionality from the day I got it. Everything worked to start with but now there's some Microsoft conflict where my phone is trying to hijack my computer, or similar. Microsoft and Windows 10 seems to be having problems.

> I hope you're successful with your lawsuits. It should have been streamlined.


New Zealand has done everything it could to delay and prevent and obstruct.

The government should have prosecuted.

International studnets represent -- millions... Billions of dollars to our economy. I pointed out that they are refusing to allow them to work to international standards. Are refusing to sign off on their qualifications when requirements for the qualifications have been met to the satisfacation of external examiners.

I pointed out that we keep international studnets as slaves, basically.

ANd what do they do about it?

So our borders get locked down. No more international studnets for us.

THe world is waiting for New Zealand to sign off on the studnets it should have signed off on, already.

Where are the qualifications for the work that was done for the contracts?

Why won't New Zealand honor it's contracts?

When studnets apply to enrol in a 3 year PhD then why don't you get their work to examiners so they can complete the qualification within the 3 years?

Nobody in this country does any of the things that they are supposed to do.


Did Jacinda Ardern really go to Waikato University and complete a Communications Degree?

I... FInd it hard to believe that I wouldn't have heard of her... That she wouldn't have been involved in student politics... That she wouldn't have appeared in Nexus (the student magazine)...

I don't know... Something seems off. Truly.

Shane Reti... Apparently he did a Degree at Waikato because doing another Degree at Auckland in 'Human Biology' before doing another Degree in Medicine with Auckland. Only, Auckland doesn't offer a Degree in 'Human Biology' at all. I know becuase many many many students would love to do that Degree but they can't because Auckland doesn't offer that Degree. Because Auckland doesn't have the teaching staff / faculty to teach an entire Degree on that subject. You have to do Pharmacology or Physiology or Biochemistry or Chemistry or Biology... There is no anatomy Degree. There is no human biology Degree.

It's just not plausible.

None of it rings true.

It's just conn-munications. It's a conn.

By people who squawkity squawk squawk all day to ensure New Zealand doesn't develop to ensure they get to keep all the stuff...


The University of Auckland had no grounds to decline me entry to start second year of a six year medical degree in 2019 and then again in 2020. But they didn't want ot train me and the lengths they went to... All the way to getting the University of Waikato to falsify my academic transcripts.

New Zealand keeps me as a hostage on disability. There is no employment.

They won't say that I am too old.

But the issue is that they only look at the youngest possible so they are wide-eyed and compliant and so they work for minimum wage.

Otherwise it's all abotu 'who is your Daddy' which (in this country) is about teh size / power of your tribe in a might is right mentality.

'And what are you going to do about it?' is the whole thing with here.

The gang bangers move in across the road and do whatever they want and they all just let them.

Police set up shop at the end of the road and wave and smile and egg them on.

I suppose it is because the Government didn't pay the police. So they police are on the take.

And then you add all the off-lisence 'security guards' who believe they have the authority to go abotu bullying everyone. The security guards are often the biggest offenders because they think they have right of entry and right to order about and so on and so forth.

Civilisation... Society has fallen apart.

There isn't any.

There aren't any people about.

Just glimpses of SUV's with the windows up.

People working 'from home'. Which just means well away from here.

I showed it for the sh*t-show that it is, is all.

They actually aren't capable of doing anything properly. Don't know how. Can't do it. It's a reading comprehension thing. Lack of it.

The courts have problems because who populates the courts? Who did the Universities give law degrees to?

Good people cannot do business, here.

The government (and every other faction) is heavy-handed on micro-mismanagement and control. And the trouble is that they are grossly incompetent and inept and insist on micro-mismanaging things for the worse, only.

I know things are bad for many many people many many places around the US.

It's just about... Like minded individuals, I suppose. Peers. A cohort. Something like that.

People like me fled this country because they really are not welcome by the leaders, here. Our leaders are tyrants who will not allow the people to develop. Constantly bicking and bitching and fighting against other tyrants. Squabbling and squawking...

People can't get work done, here. Nothign is produced.

Nothign to trade. Sorry.

Nobody home.




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