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Re: evicted!

Posted by alexandra_k on November 24, 2020, at 15:31:26

In reply to evicted!, posted by alexandra_k on November 22, 2020, at 16:38:44

Things seem a lot clearer to me, now...

I did not realise that contientious objectors were imprisoned and detained in concentration camps in New Zealand. I didn't understand the scope / magnitude of that.

Many in New Zealand did feel that they were being sent away to die because the country didn't want them around anymore. It was a way of... Mass killing undesirables. Sending young men off far far far away. Leave us your women and children. Off you go.

There was a movement in New Zealand amongest Methodists. Some very vocal in garnering support for pacifism. The Government did not accept they were conscientious objectors. They were rounded up and kept in prison camps. The government propaganda machine was very vocal about them being cowards. The public ire was directed towards them and their families.

That appears to be a major source of my Mothers shame and social ostracism. Because her Father was a conscientious objector. A coward. And because he was a Church Minister. And his wife married him because she wanted to be a Church Minister. And then he loses the Ministry because he believed that Jesus preached about turning the other cheek. And so he is imprisoned. And only let out on the condition / understanding that... He remain a farmer for the rest of his days.

And I only really remember him as being very very very very bitter.

And it's something I've been concerned about over the course of my life. About how bitter I am and how I am only becoming more and more and more and more bitter about the injustices there are in New Zealand. And about how they only seem to be worse. Worse and worse and worse and more and more flagrant. 'And what are you going to do about it?' is the message I get. Because I'm supposed to devote the rest of my days spending days and weeks and months and years for $1,000 here and there from the courts. Oh, what victory for Alex! What a worthwhile life for her to lead!

Because this nation doesn't have any sense or notion of justice or fairness or health or...

ANything at all, really.

So my Mother got married... And by all accounts he treated her pretty rubbish. SHe has horrible stories about him being pretty brutal to her. Inviting the boys around and the boys being pretty brutal to her.

So she left. To be a social outcast. Divorce was frowned upon. And she adopted. Which was frowned upon.

And this basic... The masses... The gangs...

And you see how the holocaust happened. The bullying... The might is right mentality... How most people are afraid and spend their lives huddling with the herd and how them doing that means they are particularly malevolent to those who did not / who could not.

So my Mother... Well... Just so long as she spends her days on welfare... She can have some savings... But just so long as she gives them to the Government in bonus bonds (other wise they take the money). They don't pay her interest. They don't even pay the lottery bonuses that they were supposed to.

And then me. And just so long as I live my life on welfare...

With a $100,000 studnet loan for degrees teh Universities of NZ don't acknowledge anymore. With transcripts with false information...

To try and make me unacceptable to third parties.

SO I can be another homeless bum.

Another notch in their belt.

Another population person which they think gets them more money, or something...

Just evil, really.

Apparently there is some talk of holding them to acount for torture in our prisons.

We most certainly are being sanctioned. Jacinda is talking through gritted teeth these days. Teh vaccination talks. What International Laws NZ will be forced to comply with (climate laws etc) in order to be allowed tourists and studnets and so on.




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