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Re: Leaving it all behind

Posted by finelinebob on October 1, 2006, at 15:33:17

In reply to Re: Leaving it all behind, posted by Shar on September 17, 2006, at 5:44:50

> Can one leave something of that magnitude all behind? I think you made some excellent points, but it's like when someone you love dies, it's a process of keeping them with you while still going on. And, it takes time.
> Or did I miss your point entirely?

No and yes.

Broadly speaking, there's no way you can ever leave something like that behind. 'nuff said for "no".

Narrowly speaking, the pit of despair that the trauma of the event created, that threatened to keep drawing me back into it? Yes, THAT I can walk away from, even tho it's left its scars. We'll see as I spend time down there, or when next year rolls around, but I feel the tether that bound me to 9/11/2001 and kept dragging me back there and then; yes, that is something I can leave behind me, where it belongs. Behind me in time, right now. Behind me in space -- as that area of the city heals and rebuilds, then ... and that has already started.

> The way to walk, I THINK, is forward.

But there's that old conundrum: When you're standing at the South Pole, no matter what you can only go North.




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