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Re: Red wine in chili...REALLY IMPORTANT allisonm

Posted by Kath on June 15, 2006, at 20:37:13

In reply to Re: Red wine in chili... Shar, posted by allisonm on June 11, 2006, at 22:07:34

Hi Alli - so sorry this is happening for you (not your kitties - the other stuff)

Please see the post from today on the alternative board about TAT. In fact here's the website.

It's a 'holding' method. It may sound weirdo but it is AMAZING. At least is has been for me anyway.

I've dealt with 3 issues:
1 - being left crying alone in my crib in a closed room when I was a baby. This memory came up in some inner child work years ago.l

2 - my Mom's breast cancer & death when I was 23.

3 - all the sh*t with my son from his age 13 until now (22)

Believe me - it's amazing what I feel has been lifted off of me. Don't hesitate to email me (anybody) if you want more info about my experience

much love, Kath

> Thank you.
> I often wonder whether the prescribed drugs that I take will cause cancer or liver failure and whether they are more or less toxic than alcohol. My pdoc says the drugs such as ativan are less "hepatotoxic."
> I am always in awe of his psychiatric terms. They make me giggle sometimes in session. He looks at me strangely, but I don't care. I think that any "normal" or "regular" or "average" person would giggle at terms such as "sleep hygiene" when talking about sleep habits or "tribe" when referring to finding people who are more like me.
> It has been hard the last few days. I am remembering that it has been about 8 years since I last saw my mother alive. It was a weekend in June -- the weekend of Father's Day. Unfortunately, I got into a conversation with a new friend about my mother and her alcoholism and the last time that I saw her. It brought back intense memories that I had put away. Now my mind swims with recollections of that time.
> I have to change the subject now.
> In other news, I have the five coolest kitty cats in the world. Four of them are all black. They amuse me endlessly. They all get along well and seem to like me too. They follow me all over the house, and all of them are under 2 years old, so there is plenty of play going on... I find cat toys all over the place. Their locations change hourly. Cardboard boxes are the best toys of all. These little furry creatures are the joy in my life. They love me unconditionally, which is more than I can say for 99.9 percent of humans I have known in this world.
> I don't know why, but I seem to be having problems with time lately. I turn 45 this fall. (I know, I am a baby in your eyes.)
> My husband left me and my mother died 8 years ago in July. I seem to be reliving the events that led up to those bad 10 days in July. I don't know why all of this is coming back into consciousness now. I thought I was over this stuff several years ago. This really sucks.




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