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you pay peanuts...

Posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 22:41:10

you get monkeys.

you enslave your investors...

you get...




NZ: The economic sacrifice zone of australia

Posted by alexandra_k on January 22, 2022, at 20:47:18

In reply to you pay peanuts..., posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 22:41:10

it is written into the Australian constitution that it is EXPEDIENT for Australia to regard NZ to be a state of it.

That means it is DOUBLY ENTRENCHED that NZ, is in fact, regarded by Australia (that is to say, it is in the Australian constitution) that NZ is regarded to be a state of it.

I understand that it is no longer convenient.

Tough Titties.

Is a saying that applies to that. What was expedient once, is doubly entrenched now.


NZ prints it's own currency. But States are not allowed to print their own currency.

Australia allows NZ to print its own currency: Why?

In NZ dollars wages are kept low (to the point of slavery).

The economic exclusion zone.

That's why.

Border control. They incapacitate and disable as many as possible to keep them on NZ welfare in NZ dollars to disguise just how low those wages are kept. So they cant' even cross the borders to other states like NSW (that gets a f*ck mega ton of Australian Government Federal Funding where NZ sees none of that) or the state of Victoria etc etc etc.

They didnt' like NZers taking their NZ govt welfare cheques and going to the Gold Cost.

Like how California doesn't want to be destination for the East Cost Homeless...


Too bad.

Shame. Shame shame on you.

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