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i can be a third class lawyer

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 20:25:05


that is the government approved career that is right for me?

i can be a third class lawyer.

why a third class lawyer?

well, i have no law degree.

i did not accept an offer of enrollment in a law degree.

i did not study law. i received no tuition. no instruction.

i did not sit any examinations. i received no feedback on essays.

i don't have a job. there is no pay-check.

no firm parties.

no friday drinks for me. paid for by the government.

the social bonding. the friends. the comraderie.

none of that is for me.

i'll just do all of the work...

all of the work...



well, in exhange for them saying i'm retarded. intellectually handicapped. psychotic.

in exhange for all that.

winning hey.

so what you gonna do?

lie flat?


i'm reflecting on all the things they do not have. all the things they do not have. all the things they do not have access to... the things they can never have access to for so long and insofar as they persist with this strategy of forcing and co-ercing...

of thinking they know better than me what is right for me.

what my contriution to society is allowed to be.

they draw a limit around me and i must sit within the hole.

because of all the things they will not allow us to have.

and i think more personally of all the things they can never experience and know. because of how when you force people to comply becuase you are getting away with it...


that's heaven. right? everybody singing the praises of just one person. you. right? because you are god. right?


there was some guy who did not have unlimited knowledge... some guy who turned out not to know everything... who thought he was god.

how did that work out for him?

how does that story go?

there aren't enough capable people wanting to do law? you gotta force me? let me guess.. all the people who actually applied are rubbish? should be exterminated in their sleep? nobody enrolled the course has any capacity? is that how you believe things to be?

none with capacity who will get their law degrees. none to get applications for jobs to. none to hire.



zip. zilch. zero.

all the things we do not have.

so your pretty children can play 'suits'. right? dress themselves up in a fancy suit and pretend that they like sucking the d*cks of the old guys. right?

it's important to be clear on why it is that we do not have...

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