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statue in Hong Kong

Posted by alexandra_k on October 8, 2021, at 22:03:50

Did you see it?

A funeral pyre of the people burning...

The tianaman protest (my spelling mistake)

What happened?

People associated in peaceful protest...

And they were massacred. Annihilated. Mowed down. In the name of the Government of China.

That's what happened.

And... Who knows... About various things... About whether it really was an order from the Government vs how much the Government did not have control of the miltary...

But it happened.

And the people of Hong Kong University are faced with this funeral pyre of shame, every day they go along to the Uni.


Is it the Medical Students in particular?

The faces in the funeral pyre did not seem to me to be Asian, particularly.

Is it supposed to be a motivational reason for Medical School? To burn the europeans on the funeral pyre????

The grotesque...


Why nobody with any merit is allowed to study medicine.

But that's not fair -- various people were allowed and some of them may have merit.

Dr Bob. For example.

Showing the statute to the BBC = progress.

1) Face up to things.
2) Do somethign about them.


Re: statue in Hong Kong

Posted by alexandra_k on October 8, 2021, at 22:12:37

In reply to statue in Hong Kong, posted by alexandra_k on October 8, 2021, at 22:03:50

So there was something in the NY Times about antigen testing. Brisbane company who found... I must have read this wrong... 1/4 of their tests were turning back false positive.

So NZ will not approve antigen testing. Because the only people who get authority to speak for 'antigen testing' in NZ is one particular company who has less sentitivity than the status quo. Which means the status quo will not... Uh... Take a step backwards on sensititivy given our elimination strategy.

But the people of Brisbane, ho, developed the test just for you, ho. Everyone has Covid. No case is missed. Ho. Just what you asked for ho. Yay us.

And still...

Let me guess. All the tests sent back from NY are shipped to NZ. The 'sensititivity' gurus...

Because once we are done raping (so to speak) the teenager children of Papakura High for their nasal swabs...

MMMM yeah, so good for me...

We will take the seconds of NY because we so cares about dem specificity.

Love how I can contribute to the leadership of NZL. It's totally doing the right thing. All of the time.

Euthanasia drugs arrive soon apparently.

And Maaori cannot contribute to science. Only narrative around how if you use their name without them you abuse their name. Because that's how traumatised they are in teh city-state with no federal funding state...





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