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we don't need psychiatrists we have antiterror law

Posted by alexandra_k on September 26, 2021, at 18:42:46

i wondered what a terrorist was. i remember wondering that. what made someone a terrorist vs another kind or sort of violent offender.

i think it is supposed to be about the amount of organisation that is involved. the co-ordinated planning. the command of resources.

that is the difference between a lone gunman (even if they blow up a mosque, say) compared to different individuals flying into twin towers.

anyway... the world gave nz it's 'terrorist'. because of the scope of the tradegey, i suppose. 50+ people. but i don't know the level of planning. i don't know that nobody does. we said he wasn't even on our radar as an individual who we needed to be concerned about.

no record of him having asked for help from social services, then?

we don't keep records of such things. grr. grr. go away.

anyway... in more recent news.

we want to introduce new anti-terror laws that mean we can involuntarily detain in the prisons people who haven't committed an offence. now this is nothing new we do this every day. the 'bright spark' idea, however, is that we can convert all these unlawful detentions into lawful detentions with a law change that allows us to imprison people becuase we think they might be a danger to themselves or others. thats how we are going to define terrorism.

so why not just leave the laws alone and offer psychiatry?

because we don't want to pay psychiatrists that's a bother. and psychiatrists won't say what jacina ardern (and others) want htem to say when they want them to say it etc. and we don't want them in hospitals and we don't want them to have any treatment.

so we will change the anti-terror laws and non-clinical people will decide what is best and the nz government wants the most compliant popluation in the world (90 per cent vaccines or no 'privaledges' of freedom...)

they are doing the whole 'one uniform for the vaccinated and one uniform for the unvaccinated'.

i remember this book 'The Wave' from High School. They are doign that.

Yeah. That.

and at the end of the day a great film of Jacinda Ardern will be displayed. Or Hitler. Or somethign. The mighty leader!!! That got the NZ people thinkng the terrorist enemys responsible for lock-down are the unvaccinated amongst us.

Ruining things for us all. So says Jacinda. Etc.

Quite mad with power nearish the end of her second term.




Re: we don't need psychiatrists we have antiterror law

Posted by alexandra_k on September 26, 2021, at 18:47:56

In reply to we don't need psychiatrists we have antiterror law, posted by alexandra_k on September 26, 2021, at 18:42:46

so we are in the same position we were in near the end of John Key's second term.

how low can we go?

he gets to pull waitresses hair in public with impunity because there is no alternative!

i think we are getting a lot of coverage of Afghanastan right now because NZ has this whole 'i don't need to run fast, I just need to run faster than...'


We like to say we are doing better than Tonga. In a gloaty gloaty gloat gloat way. Like 'haha your people came to NZ and joined the NZ rugby team and now the NZ rugby team (full of Tongans) beats the national Tongan team hahaha! evidence of our inherent supremacy!!'

We like to say we are doing better than Mexico. But we are starting to have to stop saying that.

South Africa. Becoming questionable...

South East Asia with the slave-trading? Jury still out.


We aren't stringing up the unvaccinated in the streets (yet). Don't you know how lucky you are?

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