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private prosecution

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 1:29:19


so I am honestly and completely and entirely and legitimately SHOCKED at the narrative that is being told a about the recent texas law-change and, apparently, how it is an affront to Roe v Wade.

I saw a brief video from Ginsberg. She said that (according to her) Roe v Wade was about control of women (particularly poor women) 's bodies.

And that seems right.

So Roe vs Wade was upholding the right that women (even poor women) have to their bodies.

And now you look at the advances that have developed... Since Roe v Wade...

The advances...

In preventative birth control.

Birth Control Pills.

In birth control after the event (whether rape of consentual).
Morning after Pill.
Medical to induse menses.

And in this day and age...

What possible excuse...

Could there be...

For a women..

To not know...

That she is carryign a foetus...

Until a foetal heartbeat is detected?


It is about control of (partiuclarly poor) women's bodies.

Roe vs Wade was that abortion (removal and then it dies or it dies by the way in which it was removed) is only justified when it was not viable outidde the womb.

Aka when the method of removal was not inducing it's death.

Also aka when you couldn't grow implanted eggs outside the women's wombs such that you could harvest embryonic cells or even organs ffrom them.... Without using women's (particularly poor women's) bodies to, basically, incubate or grow them for you.

But they can.

They can grow fertilised eggs outside women's bodies for more than 14 days. They can grow them so they can harvest the beating embryonic heart and the foeetal liver... So they no longer need to make use of women's (partiuclarly poor women's) bodies to grow thath for them.

That is to say...

Roe vs Wade can be upheld better these days by banning abortion once foetal heartbeat is detected. You will have removed the incentive structure to prevent and prohibit access to more timely prevention and remedy. And with foetal tissue being able to grow outside the womb women (partiuclarly poor women) no longer need to grow your scientific experiment inside them.

Why doesn't anybody else say that they see things simlarly?

That is genuinely concerning to me.


Re: private prosecution

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 1:35:31

In reply to private prosecution, posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 1:29:19

so apparently the USA... The notoriously litigious society...

Does not allow civilians to prosecute for criminal offences.

And that is where I got that idea from. US TV. The idea of the District Attorney. Government (federal) prosecution.

But in this hell-hole of a sh*t-country... The government will not prosecute. Because.. Know why?

Because I can (as a private citizen) take people to civil court for criminal offenses. E.g., I can privately prosecute slavery within the public tertiary institutions of NZL.

And there may be something about the government taking over the case after the first case managment conference...

And there may be somehting abuot the solicitor general ordering 'cease and desist' from ANY prosecution at all...

But it's technically on the boooks.

The NZL government will not prosecute (unless there is considerable political pressure for a prosecution).

And citizens are actually supposed to? Actually.. Retain the right to do that.

It is true that the government hasn't done anything much in the way of anything at all for it's people lately.

To be sure.

This is the end of the thread.

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