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murder of baby whale

Posted by alexandra_k on September 21, 2021, at 23:54:27

so people found a baby whale (not weaned) all playful off the coast of nz.

in australia there is a 'not 50 metres from wildlife' law or policy or whatever.

i know because phil of bio people were into snorkeling... and at some point whales get close. and instead of holding their ground / backing off, the nzl'er people approach 'they seem to want to interact / they seem to want to play'.

so photographs are uploaded of these nzl biology people interacting with whales off the coast of australia...

at which point various other phd students etc etc post their reactions of horror about how you aren't allowed to get within 50 meters of a whale -- and if you find yourself in that position you are supposed to back off.

because they are wild animals.

and you don't train them to become dependent -- only to abandon them.

that's the special strategy of nzl that really isn't condoned anyplace else in the world.


this baby whale..

is taken out of the ocean (so he cannot respond to calls from his mother)

he is kept in a small pool where he develops eye infections etc from swimming in his own excrement.

he is fed cows milk from humans.

he is not allowed to sleep. he is touched by humans 24/7

until he dies.


so they bury him.

so he will never leave.

without an autopsy.


he knows how they feel.

which is the whole point of teh situation.


Re: murder of baby whale

Posted by alexandra_k on September 21, 2021, at 23:57:00

In reply to murder of baby whale, posted by alexandra_k on September 21, 2021, at 23:54:27

ooooh i'm so special i'm so special i'm so special

they picked me!

i'm so special!

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