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vaccination availabilty in nzl

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2021, at 3:12:21

the very very very very day that vaccinations became available to me (as a NZL person aged 40 or over) I booked the earliest available vaccination appointment in central auckland. I mean to say first available appointment early in the morning of the very first day.

and then...

apparently the vaccination roll-out is progressing ahead of schedule such that 12 year olds are being vaccinated ahead of my appointment time 01 of October 2021.

I see in the news I should try and re-book my vaccination appointment for earlier... Because they have done various things to roll things out more quickly.

Brought 250,000 doses from Spain (and sold them 1 million?)
Brought however many doses from Denmark (and sole them n+1 million?)
Adminstered saline to the masses to have more doses then paid for...
Watered down doses to the masses to administer more doses than paid for...

And I try and re-book my vaccination time.

1) I am supposed to have a 'code' that was sent to me as part of my confirmation that I can then myself use to move my appointment forward. I recieved no such code. Therefore I cannot move my apointment forward.

2) I cannot book a new appointment (earlier) because it tells me I already have a booking.

So when Jacinda Arden stands up and says that 70 per cent of over 40 have their vaccination already I call:








I believe you sold my dose to Denmark or Spain you stupid bitch. Is what I say.


move to nz.... murder your family...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2021, at 14:27:46

In reply to vaccination availabilty in nzl, posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2021, at 3:12:21

it is all very strange.

2 doctors. neither citizens of nzl. both come in via quarantine (while NZ citizens cannot get a booking).

apparently he is an 'orthopedic surgeon'. not sure how that works. we don't acknowledge the ones who have been trained in australia and they don't acknowledge the ones who have been trained here.

but we get 1. coming from South Africa. with his wife who is also a doctor. and their 3 small girls.

not one week out of quarantine the girls have been murdered.

the wife is...

in a 'stable condition' being held in the hospital.

then she is charged with murdering the girls.

and he is...

free? to be an 'orthopedic surgeon' in timaru?

is that how it goes?

the police got it together to charge her in the district court ASAP...

but they can't for the life of them get it together to fine another couple for breaking quarantine.

we does not appear to have the most basic of police / judiciary


Re: move to nz.... murder your family...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2021, at 14:34:47

In reply to move to nz.... murder your family..., posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2021, at 14:27:46

it just really does not make any sense.

what happened?

new zealand...

breeding ground for terrorists and murderers, now.

she did not start out that way.

what the hell happened?

i would be looking into him, that's for sure.

and why it is that she was held in the 'hospital'.

i suppose she could not say any clearer: i don't want them growing up here

highest rates of child abuse in the world.

that thing we do... where we have this 'divide and conquer' with couples.

ruin relationships. turn one on the other. hold one over the other.

likely they came here for... better life for her... better life for raising girls. safer.

then seeing the 'hospital'

the unlawful detention camp.



that's what they are.


i mean... what do you call them when they dub various people 'herr doktor' because compliant and when there aren't really any medical supplies etc.

that's not a hospital -- right?

you should see the forms...

there's actually something in the mental health act about it. the person whose job it is to make sure the forms are fit for purpose.

what forms?

the paperwork that makes the unlawful detention supposedly lawful.

the 'you are sectioned under the mental health act'.
the 'your status under the mental health act is 'voluntary'.

the ones that convey that you are under the mental health act.
you are being held under the mental health act.

you are required to do what you are told when you are told by whomever you are told.

because you are being held under the mental health act.

(status: voluntary).

is how we tell people 'you are free to go'.

that's what we mean by 'voluntary'
(you are not free to go)

if you protest... that's a state of urgency urgent emergency and under those conditions they can stab you in the eye with a rusty needle of olanzapine.


what are you going to do about it?


Re: move to nz.... murder your family...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2021, at 14:41:06

In reply to Re: move to nz.... murder your family..., posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2021, at 14:34:47

if she even did it.

likely she did not.


that's the kiwi way.

angry mob.

angry mob and scapegoating.

only notion of justice we understand.

which is of course no notion of justice at all.

the police don't do anything properly.

it's a shell the way that everything else is.

wouldn't know how to do it properly.

dragged themselves up on the job.

just doing it.... kludging though.

they know that what they do won't stand up to any scruitiny at all in the court of law

that's the point of it.

so the people in the know get a by.

for example

none of the speed cameras are calibrated properly or whatever... there is some technical law they are all in violation of.

so people 'in the know' know they can speed in the camera areas and when the fines are posted out they know what to say so they don't have to pay the fiine.

everything is like that.

down to...

down to murder.

they can't / won't prosecute anyone at all.

they don't do the evidence collection properly. the chain of custody. they won't do it can't do it it isn't done.

but they surely do have the prisons full. of what?

of people who haven't stood trial, yet.

of whoeever they like. just grab the easy targets and fill up the prisons with them.

just grab whoever you like.

we are not a developed nation at all.

there's really nothing here...

it's remarkable, really. now little there is...

empty shell.

i keep thinking things were here and they've fled / gone away.

i don't know if that's true or if i just woke kup to reaslity of here. how it's always ben here.

likely both.

the country feels empty.


all around the world, eh?


i guess they drop the bodies into the sea...


or under the subway tunnels.

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