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informed consent in retarded-land

Posted by alexandra_k on September 11, 2021, at 2:41:55

so the government says we have hundreds of people who *may* (but also may not) have been given saline or a specially diluted dose of vaccine in their second appointment.

we don't know because we aren't capable of keeping accurate records.

we don't know because we don't know how much saline solution there was at the start... and how much saline there was at the end... and know how much saline was administered.

hell, we may have been using up all the expired anasthetic solution that we had left over. that's what we teach them to do in Samoa, yes? with the MMR vaccines, yes?

so... after this botch up of 'we don't know how much vaccine you have had'...

they are offering the people affected the 'opportunity' to have, what may be (but may not be) a 3rd dose of vaccine. it is a revolutionary experimental treatment that has not been approved in new zealand!!! and it may or may not be a 3rd dose because we botched up records when it came to administration and record keeping of the contents of the second dose. but sign on up for a 3rd dose people oh yeah. you and your GP together must sign consent for your participation in this revolutionary new experiment that is about...

ethics approved use of deception...

no doubt...

the experiment that is about...

let's see, uh...

just how compliant the NZ population really is? just how trusting (in the face of evidence that they are not capable of administering vaccinations they don't even know what they administered and you are going to sign up for another round of it??'

let's see, uh...

how about...


they all got the doses they were supposed to...

but they send letters out pretending like they may or may not have had their second dose already... so that the people believe that the third dose they get is a real dose. the only question about whether they had a real dose or not was about the dose they already had...

in idiot-land the idea is...

they are signing the informed consent forms to participate in an experiment...


before the trial started? after the trial started?

that's how we do?

the whole thing doesn't make any sense.

it really just doesn't make any sense at all.

it's not an ethical conundrum. it's not a moral challenge. it's not a difficult decision.

the only issue really is why the hell the government failed to keep accurate records and accountability around the second dose.

and, of course, why people aren't being offered antibody testing to see how their antibody levels are doing as part of the informed consenting decisions.

or maybe that is something that some people's GP will offer them?

the whole thing makes no sense at all.


Re: informed consent in retarded-land

Posted by alexandra_k on September 11, 2021, at 2:50:00

In reply to informed consent in retarded-land, posted by alexandra_k on September 11, 2021, at 2:41:55

the northern hemisphere was widely using saliva testing *before* they started testing children.

New Zealand waited until saliva testing had been really well developed and really well rolled out in the northern hemisphere... when they had started using saliva testing to test the kids in the schools...

New Zealand waited until all of that..

BEFORE choosing to jump on board early with testing children. they got nasal swabs from most of the kids at Papatoetoe High. This is a South Auckland School with high proportion of Pacifica kids. Kids who didn't want to get tested weren't able to choose not to get tested (but isolate at home for 2 weeks to see if symptoms developed or not)... At least a few said they felt bullied out and away of school for not getting tested. They felt there was immense social pressure for them to take one for the team of 5 million. This is what New Zealand chose to inflict upon the kids.

Still not with the programme when it comes to saliva testing.

I booked the first available appointment for when my age bracket was eligible. I didn't get a 'special code' sent to me where by some magical exemption I was privaledged above others and I could get in early... I waited my turn. I can't get my first vaccination until next month.

But apparently 75 per cent of people in my age bracket have been vaccinated at least 1 dose already??? But I booked mine the first day that vaccination was made available to people in my age bracket.

Apparently they were herded through a mass vaccination event... Or apparently they just turned up to a clinic without an appointment and got vaccinated then and there. Apparently that's what 75 per cent of people over 40 did.

Does that sound right?

Does that sound plausible?

I suppose they held the whole country in lockdown to try and inspire them to bundle as many people into the car as possible and herd them through a vaccination drive-through...

That is what we are supposed to believe.


Re: informed consent in retarded-land

Posted by alexandra_k on September 11, 2021, at 2:50:35

In reply to Re: informed consent in retarded-land, posted by alexandra_k on September 11, 2021, at 2:50:00

Apparently we purchased 250,000 doses from Spain.

I wonder how many we sold to them?

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