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we don't need psychologists / psychiatrists...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 5, 2021, at 1:21:38

the mental health foundation can make decisions about who is and who is not appropriately detained under the mental health act without that person having been examined by a health professional.

apparently it would 'stigmatise' people with mental illness (in problematic ways) if the 'terrorist' had have been detained under the mental health act. apparently being diagnosed with 'mental illness' means that one is to get treatment but the guy was a terrorist who should be punished but diagnosing him under the mental health act in order to punish him would mean our mental health services would be punative rather than rehabilitatory.

i think that was the general gist of the idea attributed to the mental health foundation.

who appears to be the biggeset source of stigmatisation.


is it really far fetched to suppose that refugees who have experenced violence wouldn't have some kind of trauma response to that violence?

no it is not.

post-traumatic stress disorder was the very very very very first sort of diagnosis that freud and others were working on. shell shock. war vets.

the guy was asked about what he was doing looking at all these pictures of horrible things happening to children. he was saying that there wasn't anything wrong with the pictures that he could see. that he'd seen worse. that worse had happened.

and did anybody say 'that's terrible! oh no! have you seen worse than that? that must have been terribly traumatic to / for you. hard to forget soemthign like that. hard to put those kinds of images out of your head.'

he was at risk to others. thinking about participating in doing those kinds of things to others. posting about those kinds of things being done. associating with people known to do those kinds of things.

there were religious beliefs associated with the ideology... but that was incidental.

the mental health thing...

if he had have received the help he needed then he likely never would have become a 'terrorist'.

but you know new zealand... cycles of abuse. check.

terrorising the terrorists. check.

following them around under gun surveillance. check.

his family should sue the new zealand government for failing to provide adequate care for him given that he was a refugee in this country.

particularly: The courts had ordered him to have a psych assessment and the new zealand government authorities should have ensured he was given a psych assessment.

but everybody has got an opinion. and we won't pay clinicians to do their job.


the autism support people... they were like 'we can't help you access accommodation to live independnelty. you will have to live with othes'.

and i said 'you sound very very very committted to that belief of yours'. and that means you are... well... basiclly working to ensure tha tyou are right. that your clients never have what it is that many of them say that they need.


i think it likely that baby toa (the baby whale) wasn't abandoned by it's mother or it's pod at all.

i imagine what happened was that we do what we always do in nz.

people who don't have a clue help themselves to.

they took him out of the ocean to prevent and prohibit him answering to his mother.

i'm sure the whales communicate under ground over vast distances... and babies are exploratory and playful.

i suppose his mother called and called and called...

and he couldn't hear her. or, if he could, he couldnt' get to her.

he was too busy drowning in a tiny pool of his own excrement getting infected.

because that's how much we loved him.

then we put him back when he was too sick to get way.

and he died.

and we pronounced 'natural causes' without having done an autopsy.

we pronounce people died of 'natural cuases' or 'innoculation' when we haven't done an autopsy.

people who have teh skills to have an informed opinion cannot do their jobs, here. cannot employ their skills here. will not be employed for their skills here.

because all these people who dno't have a clue must decide. on teh basis of irrelevnat things. and then cling to their conclusions totally recaltruant to any evidence to the contrary.

it is quiqte the mass delusion of the administration of new zealand.

resulting in much harm to the people of new zealand. for the supposed good of the administration.

a sort of harm to self and others that is quite non-sensicle.

because they will not listen.

and they cnanot idenitfy it when they see it / hear it. that's the worst of it. that they can't do that and delegate appropriately.

will not listen.

i mean.. what do you have to do? blow up a school?

new zealand appears to want to be the terrorist breeding ground for the world.


Re: we don't need psychologists / psychiatrists...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 5, 2021, at 1:27:32

In reply to we don't need psychologists / psychiatrists..., posted by alexandra_k on September 5, 2021, at 1:21:38

just like how the police decide who they will and who they will not charge on the basis of the wrong reasons.

they think the conviction won't stick...

and they don't do their job of collecting the evidence and getting the evidence to prosecutors for the prosecution to decide.

the police decide they will be judge, jury, executioner. or the great pardoner.

the police decide that they will not take the person to the hospital and serve a section 8 and let a trained clinician assess the person.

not even when a judge has ordered that to happen.

they would rather have a few police tail him closely with guns for YEARS. and shoot him dead at the first opportunity.

this guy applied to new zealand for refugee status. and we promise that we will accept a certian number every year... and the courts were unable to take refugee status away from him -- even though they tried to take it back once it became clear he needed a little help. i am sure we have obligations to help refugees. and we are not taking in the number we are supposed to take in. and we are not properly looking after the refugees we have got. we stigmatise post-traumatic stress as 'terrorism'.

tht's how 'developed' we are.

we haven't got to freud yet.

psychiatry... does not live here.

they went 'we can't train you with a dog clicker not to go stabby stabby' therefore we will not help you at all.

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