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actually, i don't know

Posted by alexandra_k on September 4, 2021, at 18:42:54

i don't know that i have read the case.

i think i have only read secondary literature interpreting the case.

quality literature. the standard literature for bio-ethics.

but a while ago now. and i didn't know then what i know now about development.

i didn't think there was much of a problem, ethically, with abortion before. i see more problems now that i understand the science and likely practice done in the name of 'clinical care' and 'scientific curiosity' and 'helping (me) helping (me) helping (me) help (myself to) you' that happens in the name of 'clinical care' and 'biomedical science research in the service of humanity funded by various governments' a bit more.

the interest in ruling over franken-people. not people, really. frontal lobe deficient. un-educated. people who don't think critically. people who uncritically accept whatever the administration tells them to accept. the most compliant population in the world. etc.

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