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i understand microdosing now

Posted by alexandra_k on August 29, 2021, at 22:49:08

I was thinking... Why would you want to experiment with micro-dosing LSD as a treatment for... Anything, anything, anything at all. Alleviating depression or anxiety or anything, anything, anything at all.


Well... Let's see...

A micro-dose is, *by definition* a dose that is not sufficient to induce hallucination or delusion.

That means that anybody who has been given a micro-dose of LSD who subsequently experiences hallucination or delusion must, therefore, be psychotic!

So... By micro-dosing as many people as we can with LSD we have provided sufficient grounds to involuntarily detain them on grounds they are psychotic.


It's quite the plan for growing the business. If the business is in growing a population of people involuntarily detained on grounds of mental illness, of course.

On a par with providing date-rape drugs to people so they feel better about communal sleeping in Marae's and the like?

Close, I'd say.

Nearly there.


Freudian slip...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 1, 2021, at 5:41:59

In reply to i understand microdosing now, posted by alexandra_k on August 29, 2021, at 22:49:08

Chris Hipkins sort of kind of all but said that asking people to be vaccinated is...

A bit like asking people to 'spread their legs' and be f*ck*d, by the Ministry of Health. Or the Covid response team, or whatever.

Freudian slip, indeed.

To call it like I see it: Treason?

I don't think judicial review of administative action (aka giving them EVERY OPPORTUNITY to follow the law.. the rule of law...) is the kind of thing that gets to count as treason.

just saying.


let me tell you a story...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 1, 2021, at 15:50:17

In reply to Freudian slip..., posted by alexandra_k on September 1, 2021, at 5:41:59

once upon a time...
when much of the world was battling infection with Covid...
this tiny little nation
(a city-state, really)
called new zealand
was battling something different entirely.

a respiratory syncitial virus (RSV) that primarily infects...

i mean, our hospitals were swamped by it.
they thought it was because of lockdowns prior
which meant the new kids hadn't been exposed to it in their community
so with lockdown restrictions lifing for a time
the rsv ran rampant and they got several years worth of kids
infected all at once
in a sort of epidemic or pandemic or whatever you call it when something runs rampant about the city-state.

and i thought to myself... how do they know that it isn't covid?

and the answer to that...
was because it was affecting... infecting... children.
and not so much adults.

and also the answer was because it was due to RSV -- which is a different virus, entirely.

so that was that.

and this was a genuine problem for the city state of new zealand.
i mean to say they started needing to impose covid-type or style restrictions.
restrictions on how many people were allowed into the hospital to support the sick kids.
trying to limit the number of healthy brothers and sisters allowed in to try and halt the spread of the virus in the communities, apparently.
or whatever.

and people were being told to stay away from the hospital because they were being inundated with RSV.

hooking up the oxygen to these poor little kids who were having trouble getting enough oxygen because of the snot bunging up their tiny little airways.


then the covid came back.
i mean to say community transmission of Covid came back.
so we went back into lock-down.

and nobody has said boo about rsv.

nobody. nobody. nobody at all.

but now kids are getting covid, apparently. kids under the age of 1 or whatever.



novel story, eh?

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