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the resistence

Posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 19:27:55

i suppose that is what it is.

the incomptence. ineptitude. terrible decisions. and so on.

the resistence.

people being well and truly fed up. crappy pay. crappy jobs. boss who is a horrible bully.

they need to be all 'yess sir you are so amazingly intelligent sir can't wait to spread my legs for you sir' to their faces...

so they do everything they can to stabotage and undermine and obstruct and prevent and prohibit..

what little power they have. to do that.

the resistence.

that's why nzl is so.. such a mess...

the resistence.

people don't speak out because they know they will only be punished for it.

there is no justice here... none that have seen.

the whistleblower protection stuff is a complete and utter joke. a complete farce.

nobody is interested, at all, in facing up to hard truths about how things are... and working to improve things. genuinely.

noopers. anybody who speaks up...

will be let go and will never work again.

i mean, we are pretty good at identifyign those who would speak up and insuring that they never work in the first place.

so whistleblower protection doesn't apply. is beside the point.


apparently westpac new zealand wasn't compliant with our anti-money-laundering laws.

not because our laws are more advanced than other developed nations i can assure you of that.

this is just a garbage waste hole. is all.

our leaders have determined that it must be.

they are determined to ensure that there be a resistence...

people are kept squabbling amongst each other always.

so we can stay at home. locked in our houses. watching the prime minister speak from the pulpit 1pm each day.

watching teh... squabble... rabble... resistence.... that is our covid 'defence'.


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