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andrew borrowford

Posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 0:13:44

hahahhaha i get it.

hey.. i know..

i'll email most everyone on the law society list of laywers. asking for who is wiling to help me take the univerity of waikato to court for judicial review of administrative action for the fact they:

- refuse to enrol me in the course i applied to
- enrolled me in a course i never applied to
- decided on administration (not academic) grounds to force me to re-enrol in courses i never appied to
- refused to send a thesis submitted for exam out to examiners to prevent and prohibit them accepting it in fulfilment of regulations for the degree
- sent a thesis out to be examined with instructions for it to be examined for the wrong degree
- refuse to get a thesis that had been substantively altered in accordance with instructions from examiners back to the examiners to prevent and prohibit them signing off tha tthe thesis was to be accepted in fulfilment of regulations for the degree.

and all of the lawers went 'well nonononononono i will not represent you as a legal aid laywer. i'm too busy... or else... we can never win. we won't win that. it's unwinable. there is no merit or value in trying that case'.

so i'm forced to slave for the courts to try the case myself.

and andrew borrow-ford... borrows it forward.


all of a sudden there is a judicial review of administrative action case before the courts. on the legality / lawfulness of new zealand's lockdown.

to be heard ahead of mine.

because i...


but then the courts want me to make changes. right.

re-file at a later date.

gee it's just like writing a thessis..

just keep working
keep workign
keep working

only you don't get paid.

so just keep slaving.


just keep slavign. just keep on slaving you slave. just keep on slaving.

keep on slaving for the courts.

filing. re-filing. submitting. re-submitting. hey why don't we have just one more conference and another re-submission. right?

just one more refiling of a resubmission or a motion for a meeting for the courts.


just one more year?

just another year of delay?

just another just keep slaving...

just keep slaving...


the terrorists are coming to blow it up already?

hurry up.



sick and f*ck*ng tired.

of this garbage land of a sh*t show.

how to make a f*ck*ng terrorist. how to induce the f*ck*ng intent.

new zealadn: location. destination.

there's f*ck*ng nothing here.

go ahead andrew borrow-ford. i know it's fake news from fake news media. i know.

ahahhahaha f*ck*ng hilsarious.

prudence free. ahahahhaha

what a f*ck*ng joke.

dr young.

f*ck*ng guffaw...

dr al grand-e


f*ck*ng joke.

there's nothing here.


Re: andrew borrowford

Posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 0:15:00

In reply to andrew borrowford, posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 0:13:44

you are a small fish in a small pond anad we eat you for breakfast lunch and tea

because that's the cognitive capacity.

you see.

what's in a name?

that's the cognitive capacity...

so *clever* on a *technicality(

what a shame they aren't any good.


it's not clever.

it's insightful. wise.

they don't comprehend.


talaban says 'thanks' new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 0:23:12

In reply to Re: andrew borrowford, posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 0:15:00

thanks for sending humanitarian aid to the red cross...

apparently the people who have been put on a plane to come back to new zealand from afghanastan are people who have had their visas approved under special emergency exemption.

not everyone who wanted one got one.

and i'm sure anybody eligible missed out and anybody willing to break the laws... got to be first on the plane to new zealand.

that seems to be the thing of it.

insofar as we are allowed to process visas at all... we are required to misprocess visas only. that appears to be the only thing we will do. always.


we are going to end up with quite the group.

relocating from afghanastan. maybe they were attracted to new zealand because judith collins spoke out publically that the telaban was a death cult.

maybe these recent arrivals (on their way here) will all be united in their view of the telaban as a death cult.

i suppose it all fits in really rather well of new zealand being the destination place in new zealand for people who will never leave.


put all the security risks to civilisation in new zealand.

insofar as they are a problem at all... maybe they'll do something useful like... blow up the new zealand government.

i mean... it isn't like they are doing their job (holding parliament).


i mean... that's why we elected them -- right?

to ensure their job is not done. is not done by them. is not done by anyone.


that's the grand plan??


Re: talaban says 'thanks' new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 0:26:50

In reply to talaban says 'thanks' new zealand, posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 0:23:12

the new zealanad law society wants us to be sent their judges. the ones who worked on developing their laws for women and children.

the new zealand law society think they coul dbe put to slavery in new zealand.

not just the cleaners and tractor drivers.

of course we aren't planning on paying them ahahhahahahahhaha.

and education...

well.. look. their visas into new zealand got processed. right?

what more did you think new zealand was going to do??


apparently we have the most trafficked currency in the world (outside bitcoin).

something about the money being plastic. good for all those people on boats.

i would imagine that our money is the most secure.

set up for traffickign i mean to say.

likely there are apps for where the money is.

you can probably see on the map of the world where all the new zeealand money is hanging out. oh look there 's a case of 5 million. in the back of tha cop car. etc.

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