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vaccine hesitancy and misinformation

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 20:43:04

i am imagining how the we-speak-for-the-herd think-tank mentality goes on this.

'the vaccine interferes with your dna'

will result in 'hesitancy'.

because people aren't quite sure whether it does or not... they don't quite know what 'interferes with' means... they aren't sure if that's what makes it effective... or if that is a reason why it is important not to have a vaccine. because interfereing with your dna must be bad -- right? like how 'natural = good' and = 'unnatural or nonnatural = bad'...

interfering with your dna =



um. will this be on a multiguess quiz???

why yes. the answer will be prescsribed (along with the thought process the multiguess is designed to capture) and whether or not the new zealand college of gp's will or will not register you is thus determined or prescribed!!!!

which is why everyone is forced to,uh... pay them.. how much exactly?? for the answers to their 'ingenous' multi guess tests.

and how much does the think tank cost again.


no, really.

no amount of money in the world could capture the situation...

no amount of money could buy...

anything, anything, anything at all.

not about the money. becuase there isn't any.


Re: vaccine hesitancy and misinformation

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 20:51:01

In reply to vaccine hesitancy and misinformation, posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 20:43:04

so thiel's visa application.. or citizenship application... or something... is scan uploaded and.. shared with the people of nzl in the news.


i mean, it could be.

why else would someone want to buy citizenship in nzl?

to show the developed world how cheaply we sold out for.

so the developed world knows how big of a threat we are with respect to harboring terrorists etc etc. how cheaply they, too, can buy themselves citizenship for...

i think it is the international community that is going to make us take refugees. apparently we signed up to take however many per year... but we haven't been doing that. we refuse to process their applications. say they are ineligible. etc. you get the idea.

so international community has decided that we don't get to oprocess the things anymore. because we weren't doing it properly before.

more and more of the... functionality. is being administrated. administered. by someplace not in new zealand anymore.

because we were selling out our people. not doing what was in their interests at all.

our leaders refuse to allow a private sector to develop. they say it's because it isnt' fair and it is inequitable etc etc... but really it is that they refuse to use funds collected from the private to fund the public. they just won't do it. they won't allow certain things to... work. get something working in the private. then once it's figured out make a copy fo the public. or see about scaling up or whatever. just won't do it.

i suppose it is because the government wants control of everything. so the government won't allow the private sector to develop.

that's what the private people say. they can't get government contracts. and the government doesn't pay people enough to have money to make their own choices of where to invest money. so people can't choose... to pay a bit to have a saliva test rather than having a nasal swab. people don'tn get to make choices like that.

the government doesn't think that the people might choose a vaccination schedule that is better than the one the government will choose for them.

we only are supplying astra zenica etc.


i have worked out what is off about ashley bloomfield's vaccination.

he didn't take the cameras with him to his booked appointment.

he didn't book an appointment like tkhe rest of us.

all the money and still... all the money but that's not enough... need to have more. more. more. more. more. special vaccine ashley. just for you.

special place in hospital too, i'm sure.

very special icu. just for you.






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