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double booking... triple booking...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 22:47:37

so... as over 40 i am eligible to book a vaccine from... I don't remember the date.

but the date from when i could book... i tried to. it was recently. within the last week.

the earliest available day from auckland central booking for over 40 eligibility group was 1 October.

they recommend 6 weeks between doses.

so... i think we really are aiming to have everyone vaccinated (who wants one) by... the end of the year.

they are saying something like 73 per cent of over 40 have either been vaccinated or have booked to be.

but media are pointing out a booking won't protect you -- vaccination will protect you.

i search... can search.... for alternative locations. if i am prepared to travel (i am not prepared to travel on public transport) then i could get a time slot in september...

i wonder, though, how many people... book October. say. book for 2 appointments.

and then manage to find earlier appointements. so book again. so they have double booked.

and then they manage to figure a way to get into a car with a full tank of gas to sit in a testing / vaccination drive-through.. and after a couple days of cueing all day... they manage to get a vaccine at one of those.

so they have... 4 booked appointments. and they have a vaccination.

i wonder how the people who have done that help contribute to the '73 per cent of people over 40 have vaccine or booking for one' situation.


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