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always stuggling to keep up

Posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 19:25:22

always kept struggling to keep up

always kept behind

always kept just a little bit behind.

that's the ideal position in new zealand.

to be just that little bit behind.

just struggling right there just that little bit behind.

that way you aren't perceived as any kind of threat to anyone else.

and that way you can be all big eyes 'aw please help me'

so the superior people think that they will make some special exemption or exception for you (just behind the line) to pull you up and allow you to progress and embrace you into their inner circle because you pose no threat at all...


and you are all... forever grateful. that they chose you!
they used their discretion to pick you!
pick you out as special!
special exemptions... exceptions.. just for you.
and everyone can sit around wide eyed making doe eyes at each other...
just muddling along as best we can...

in the pharmac meeting and so on.


why won't nzl invest in research and development?

set aside a sum... to contribute to development.

allow the people with the capacity to do some of that, then?


nononononononononono someone wants to manage them.

but the management doesn't like them.

they aren't very well... managed. they aren't... manageable...

they don't make the managers feel...

half as good as the ones struggling just behind the line...

soooooooooooooooooooo the managers will start selecting differently.

they'll start selecting from just below the line again.

and at the start of every public meeting we will spend a good 10 minutes singing the praises of the administration.


and only saying the things the administration pre-approved or pre-allowed for us to say.

because that's how research and development works?



will not do it.


it is a shame that nzl forces it's people to lag behind.

insists upon being last in the OECD always.

aims to be bottom of the top.. that's the idea.

desirable for being the top.

easy for being the bottom.

yeah right. it's so easy to fall into the trap of pointlessly slaving for here.. continually working so hard for all of the most basic of things taken for granted everywere else... freeing up time for r&d.


i just love those think-tank meetings.

all the ideas the managers have.

the comraderie.

hanging with peers.

f*ck*ng great.


choosoing to be the slave camp detention facility of the world

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