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Posted by rjlockhart37 on June 14, 2020, at 0:04:41 back, im writing again, i've written so much blogs, i've forgotten even some that i wrote, go back couple years and forgot i wrote it. So if you want to go through archives, and read the information, your welecome to do it.

few next years are gonna be big changing in world globally. Old world ways are done with, forget about them, there old records. But do rerember, historical events that taught of this time age. I'l go ahead and say this, Paul, the apolsole, the 13th apostole who said jesus appear to him and made go blind for 3 days, then strangely started wrirting new 'justification' scriptures through faith. Especially in Galations, he wrote accurate, spot on truth in some of his teachings, but the main poart were ove the law, and free through christ to sin. Ahh Ahhh no no, that is a false teaching, to live like a heathen and say your free in christ to always be forgiven. Mnay of his teachings are accurate with what jesus christ taught, and some are false of what he taught. I read that paul, put together this doctrue, and the cannon of the bible was created sometime in the early 1000s century. Council of Nicea, and many others. I don't want to .... say this, in fear, but in thessolians, he talked about the rapture, and coming of son of man, im gonna be vague, the coming of the lord, is gonna be a terrible day, not peace. Wrath against inequlity and lawlessness. I can't tell exactly, because this has to be format that can't be totally written out due to security reasons. You will know what mean if use wisdom. The rapture is gonna be later, not before the son of man. There is a little deception in thessolians about caught up in the sky. But i cannot wirte more than that. Too risky for to be told, like online of formum. There are other forces out htere, that run the world, yes other planets, and aliens, different species, call me crazy, im not gonna say what type of them, but yes they do run the world. In these times right now. You have to just think, even if i was crazy, and saying this, i'll write it as a note, rather than a fact. Ok, lets move on, we're in the end days, things are change very quickly, peace will come. I don't know how else to say this, i'm very messy in my writings, its the only way to write thoughts and things that need to at least heard. Pauline likes to make stories, writes the truth then synataxes falseivty in others. Espcially saying he went blind for 3 days and couldnt see. Pauline just loves making stories. Jesus Christ said, when someone says there i am, don't believe them, if they christ is over there and told me, don't believe them.

ended this not like i expected but at least would be added to postings, thanks for your time reading. Goodness to you


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Posted by rjlockhart37 on June 14, 2020, at 0:20:47

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some of this is repeat, go back up to the archives, i explained it much better, im tired right now, and feel depressed, low mental energy. But read what you can. Remember this can be taken as note, but its urged to read, because false preacher would teach that everything is gonna be ok, complacently and let go god has got this, losing your responsibility. That's it, im finished. Should t of wrote this im depressed, and low energy, post above are better to read.


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Posted by rjlockhart37 on June 14, 2020, at 0:36:00

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i'll be back, for a while im gonna discomtinue these, but i have to get this out. You don't advertise teachings in saving people, im doing this all, just like in book, exept its all online free. You have to stand up for something you firmly believe in, making sure its truth, and if that means by dying for it, at least you did it.


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Posted by rjlockhart37 on August 26, 2020, at 21:31:23

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i just hope that these writings will know not false preaching, you can't stay complacent, being following the lord, you have to give up old ways, ways of the world, vanity. 'depart from me, i never knew you' is the scariest words in all existance, because that is when you are deviced if your going to the underworld. Believe me, the torments and pain their are un-uderstantable. There is no water, burning, horrible torments from evil beings, people yelling this can't be, - i heard that from a girl on youtube, she died and she said the lord showed her she needed to tell, humanity that most of its going to the underworld. That's the blood line of jesus christ, to resist temptation, and save man from danmation, the fire.

i don't know what else write, at least i can keep up, even if these writings are never even read


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Posted by rjlockhart37 on August 26, 2020, at 21:48:33

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ill just re write it again, just less detailed, but there are many accounts of stories, or people say they died, that after they died, they could see their body, and the doctors around in the hospital, but they could not talk to them, invisable, they could walk right trough them. One account - there 2 people who said these pleasant beutiful looking people said come with us, this man on his report, said that he followed them, they were really nice, and made jokes to keep up, then they got abusive, turns out they were not people, they were dark beings and then dragged down to the hades things. This is not out of body expereinces, this reports of so many people saying after they died they could see themslves. But could not do anything

thats all, im done, thats all i can write, i hope know that this is not bulls-hit and people know

thank you for your time, blessed be to you


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Posted by rjlockhart37 on August 26, 2020, at 21:58:08

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At least im doing this for a cause to save someone's soul at the end.

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